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Fitness equipment that gives you the unfair advantage

aerobis creates unique, mobile fitness equipment for functional training. With our training equipment you can make your workouts more efficient by focusing your on movement and muscle chains, instead of isolated muscles. Engage in practical Fitness Training in order to challenge your body in a complete and balanced way.

Our fitness equipment compliments each other and has individual focal points. That being said, every product can be used individually for a holistic training. On our brand pages you will find the training focus of the respective brand. If you have questions, just use the live chat of drop us a line by email. We are looking forward to help you!


Example: Training focus revvll Rope Trainer

Buying fitness equipment on the internet is hard

These days you can charge, vibrate or jump yourself into “the best shape of your life”. All with almost no effort and just twice a week. Except that it doesn´t work. The internet is full of dubious and sometimes conflicting fitness advice. Products look almost identical on small pictures. The inability to see and touch the product doesn´t help. Therefore, we would like to explain the rationale behind our products in a little more depth and let you be the judge.

Why functional training is right for you

Our bodies are all identical from a distance. Same organ-, extremities- and muscle count. Our joints move in the same angles and have a similar range of motion. Sure, genetics make everyone unique but more important is if and how we move our physical bodies as we grow (older). Most of the time these movements become more specialized. Most of us become experts in sitting still on a chair for hours on end starring at a screen. When we think about fitness, we mostly think about increased muscle mass and decreased body fat. While that is important, it is only a small fraction of the equation. Always neglected are the motor skills of your nervous system. The sad truth is that the motor skills of grown-ups have deteriorated and is often worse compared to their performance as children.

A lot of today’s fitness products are geared towards providing a quick sense of accomplishment by making it very simple for you to perform the exercise. Most machines in your average gym will make you sit down and train a muscle by pushing or pulling a guided resistance in one direction. It might still be hard for your muscles to perform the movement but requires minor effort from your motor skills. If, on the other hand, you train movements that involve your whole body, your nervous system is working out big time. It will do everything to acquire new motor skills to make the movement more efficient the next time. Your nervous system also learns how to use the involved muscle chains in cooperation to deal with the exercise or similar challenges. That is why our fitness equipment is focused on supporting you to train your body holistically. It helps you to improve muscle mass, controlling body fat but first and foremost by engaging your motor skills for broad adoption of your training movements to real life situations. This is what we call Functional Training.

What you can expect from our fitness equipment

We strive for one goal – to create workout tools that you´ll love to use and that enable you to get maximum results in minimal time. We want enable you to re-connect to your Natural Movement Patterns. Everybody can get fit (and injured) working out 5-7 times per week but what drives us at aerobis is to get the best bang for the buck out of every minute of training. We want you to be in peak physical condition on all levels, not just to look good at the beach. Consistency is another key component in any workout regimen. That is why we build training equipment that can travel with you wherever you are and that is easy to integrate in any fitness gym.

What type of fitness equipment is right for you?

It is impossible to answer that without knowing your personal goals but we can give a you a few general hints to point you in the right direction. All our products will require you to get accustomed to the corresponding type of training. It might also mean that you will not instantly look good using them. As we mentioned above, there might be some catching up to do on your motor skills, before you can move through your workout with grace. This is ok – it can be a lot of fun and you will see fast improvements. Just take it slow but consistent and you will get results.

Here is a breakdown of our solutions:
  • If you are looking for a very broadly usable fitness tool, we recommend getting an aeroSling dynamic sling trainer. It is the ideal basis for your functional training and you can have a very successful training life just using this single piece of equipment. If you don´t know where to start, this is it!
  • If you primarily want to focus on strength and muscle growth, the alphaband resistance bands are your tool of choice. Especially the alphaband Set PRO is literally a complete gym in a bag. The anti-allergic bands all combine into one anchor hook and that way the resistance setting can be changed in seconds. You will grow but never outgrow the load you can generate with one set of alphabands. Guaranteed.
  • Barbells, Kettlebells and Dumbbells all have one thing in common: they have really nice (sometimes even textured) handles so that you have an optimal grip. Nature does not come with nice handles. In the real world weight isn´t stable and evened out perfectly. blackPack sandbags are made to be a non-cooperative weight. The weight flows inside the bag and the whole structure will bend and twist when you move it. Sandbag Training is great to challenge your coordination and grip strength.
  • Working out with Battling Ropes looks easy and straightforward. Do it yourself for a few seconds and you quickly realize how abysmal wrong you were. The crucial part is having the right hardware. Most ropes are made of simple twisted strands and are either too light, too stiff or both. Only heavy and flexible ropes will enable you to make great, flowing waves and have a demanding workout. The special braiding and material makes our blackthorn battle ropes very flexible and very resilient.
  • The revvll rope trainer is a different animal. Imagine having full freedom of movement for all your pulling, pushing and rotational movements while having to work against a constant tension that can be adjusted in 6 settings. It is a high-tech machine that generates serious resistance in a smooth and easy to use way. The time-under-tension is unmatched. Work out with it for 30 seconds and you know what we are talking about – oh, the PUMP! You can change exercises in a flowing, smooth way and target different muscle chains by just changing the way you grab the rope.
  • verso360 rigs are made to be distinctive, space efficient and scalable. We created the system to offer a beautiful, integrated alternative to the more rugged rigs you see in many CrossFit and garage gyms. The standardized verso360 parts that can be combined to solve almost any architectural needs. We have wall solutions, free standing solutions and even a variation that can be mounted on ceilings. We are happy to help you planning your solution!

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