• Unique Fitness Equipment Mounting Systems

    Fitness rigs for functional training offer a variety of training possibilities and serve as attachment for functional training equipment of all kinds. Our systems are known for individual adaptability and space efficiency. The perfect solution for every space!

Functional multi gym – customized solutions

Functional Training on fitness rigs

In functional training you obviously don’t just work with your own bodyweight. Training tools like sling trainers, elastic bands or the revvll rope trainer all need a suspension structure in order to be used. Training frames pose as the central suspension point for your functional training tools and offer bodyweight exercises like pull-ups and dips. Everything you need for a complete workout in one compact fitness station.

Training platform for group training

Training frames are very different to the well-know strength stations in which you sit down and then perform a range of different exercises. In functional training you seldom sit during workouts because we already sit too long each day. Functional training rigs allow for group training because different training tools can be used at the same time. This makes them very attractive especially for gyms and studios.

Less is more

Many training rigs try to accommodate every possible exercise in one frame but end up hurting their own cause. If, for example, a kettlebell rack is integrated into the frame it uses up valuable training space. If the training possibilities are defined too rigorously it restricts the training more than it actually enriches it. Especially functional training is characterized by the freedom of movement that the tools offer. When the training rig is too big it takes away space for free training without the structure.

The centre of your functional training
Individually adjusted wall frames for your training

Full control

verso360 training frames offer full customizability and will match your available space perfectly. Thanks to the modular construction you can choose the size of the frame and even alter it afterwards. You can adjust your verso360 training frame to your needs with the optional accessories but even without it the training frames offer you a complete functional training experience with aerobis equipment that gives rein to your creativity.

Train where you want

The verso360 training frames are available as free-standing solutions or as space-saving, wall-mounted frames. In most cases they don’t even need to be bolted to the floor which enables you to move them and change the setup at a later point. With a special treatment they can even be used outdoors. Thus, you can choose freely where you want to install your functional training frame. Due to the space-saving dimensions of the verso360 frames they don’t take up much space and give you more room for a versatile functional training.

Highest quality from Germany

All of our verso360 parts are made in Germany. Their black powder-coated design not only looks great but is also extremely durable and reliable. All elements match perfectly but we are also able to offer individualized solutions. Simply send us an email to office@aerobis.com and we will talk to you about your optimal training solution. We can also create a floor plan including a visualization to give you a better understanding of what your new training space will look like.

Introducing: functional training rigs

You need help with planning?

Not sure how your new training frame should look like? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Just fill out one of our contact forms below. We will help you and give you recommendations based on your individual requirements.

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FAQ – frequently asked questions

Bolting the free-standing verso360 frames to the ground is optional. We recommend weighing down the weight pins of the legs with 2×20 kg weight plates in order to guarantee a secure stand.

In general, we recommend bolting each vertical leg to the ground via the drill holes of their base plates. If there are no horizontal forces that impact on the leg (e.g. when pulling the revvll at hip height) but only vertical forces (e.g. when placing a barbell on the optional squat rack) then you don’t have to bolt the verso360 Wall to the ground. A stable and secure connection of the Top-Elements with the wall is significantly more important.

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