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Fitness is not only a question of completing your workouts regularly. Fitness is rather a combination of regular exercise, healthy dieting, and the knowledge of what our body really needs. And that does not only include workouts but every day of every week. The day has 24 hours, how many of them do you really spend thinking about how you eat and how much you exercise?

The aerobis guide for more health, fitness, and well-being helps you find out what your body needs and how you can understand it better. Because only then will you reach your goals quickly and effectively. Whether you want to lose weight, build more muscle or simply want to feel good again in your own skin – the aerobis guide for fitness, health, and well-being will help you achieve it.

Lifehacks for fitness and health

The official recommendation for the average Joe is 2.5 hours of sport per week. That doesn’t sound like much. Especially when you see it in relation to the hours you spend awake in one week. Suddenly, the recommendation is only 2% of your conscious time that you should spend on exercising. Is that enough? The aerobis guide not only gives you the obvious answer to that question but it also gives you concrete tips how to move more and better in everday life and what is really necessary for healthy living.

The aerobis guide also asks the question whether gym-goers are generally healthier. What role does the kind of training play and where does the difference between, e.g., bodybuilding and functional training come into play? The fact alone that so many people are sitting down during training should be a hint that all that glistens is not gold and old ways of thinking should be reconsidered. The aerobis guide is supposed to guide you to a new perspective about your understanding of sport and health.

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