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Fitness is not simply a matter of exercising regularly. Rather, fitness is a combination of regular exercise, healthy eating and awareness of what our bodies need. And not just in sports sessions, but every day of every week. The day has 24 hours, how many of them do we really pay attention to what we eat and how we move?

The Guide to better health, fitness and well-being helps you find out what your body needs and how to understand it better. It’s the only way to reach your goals quickly and effectively. Whether it’s about gaining weight, building more muscle or simply feeling good in your own body again, the aerobis Fitness Guide to fitness, health and well-being will help you.

Lifehacks for fitness and health

The official recommendation for the average person is 2.5 hours of exercise per week. That doesn’t really sound like much. Especially not if you put it in relation to the hours you are actually awake during the week. Then the recommendation means that only 2% of your awake time should be sport. Is that enough? The aerobis Fitness Guidebook not only gives you the obvious answer, but also tangible tips on how to move more and better in everyday life and what is really necessary for a healthy life.

The aerobis Fitness Guide also addresses the question of whether gym-goers are really fundamentally healthier. After all, what role does the type of training really play and where is the difference, for example, between bidybuilding and functional training in answering this question? The fact alone that so many people sit while training is an indication that all that glitters is not always gold and old ways of thinking may need to be broken down. The aerobis Fitness Guidebook is designed to help you approach your understanding of sports and health with new perspectives.

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