Strength bands training

They might look inconspicuous but they really pack a punch: Resistance bands by aerobis. We will show you how to use them in your functional training with our real-time workouts.

Health guidelines:

aerobis Fitness Bands are demanding and powerful tools for physical fitness training at home. Please note our guidelines concerning safety and setup of the device to avoid injuries and accidents. Please consult your doctor, therapist, or trainer before training with the device for the first time! They can advise you accordingly and design an individual training plan for you. Get accustomed to the training slowly and don’t overburden yourself. You should start with uncomplicated exercises with little resistance and, if possible, train together with a training partner who can support you.

Online training plans & videos for Fitness Bands

Before you start

In our introduction video, our Head Coach Fabien explains how to use the Resistance Bands and how simple training with them really is. Basically, you only need three things: something to attach them to, a resistance band, and yourself.

Please note that this tutorial was shot with our first generation of Fitness Bands. We are now on Version 3 but the basic training principles still apply.

Training in real-time

Our training videos are divided in two parts. In the first part, Fabien will explain the exercises to you and give you tips for the correct form. You will also find the fitness band exercises as a downloadable PDF workout plan.

In the second part, you can train with us in real-time! The workout part has a countdown that tells you when a set starts and when you can pause. This will give you the perfect introduction to Power Band training.

It is important to note that you can do all exercises even if you don’t have a handle. Simply grab the Power Band itself. The training videos are sorted by difficulty. The first video is the best choice for beginners, the other videos are aimed at intermediate trainees that have a little more training experience.

Your first workout with Power Bands

When you want to get familiarized with the Power Bands then start with this real-time workout. All you need is two different resistances and, if possible, a handle like the Double Grip Handle. This will make the workout considerably more comfortable. The first alphaband workout is an AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible). In a given time interval of 30 sec. work and 15 sec. pause you complete as many repetitions as you can while executing every movement as perfect as possible.

Download the plan for this workout here.

Download the plan for this workout here.

Full body workout with Power Bands

The next workout nicely shows how versatile resistance bands can be. You can target every single body part and even train whole chains of muscles in more complex exercises. The following workout will get you in shape from top to bottom. The second workout is also an AMRAP. This means you complete as many repetitions with perfect form as possible in the given time.

Download the plan for this workout here.

Download the plan for this workout here.

Power Band Workout for intermediates

The third workout will test your fitness! Pull-ups will challenge your strength and the high knee running at the end will put your endurance and explosiveness to the test. Fabien shows you some variations for the exercises so you can fine-tune the workout intensity. Do you think you’re ready? Then show us! The third workout is also an AMRAP but the intervals are longer. This means you have to complete more reps but you also have longer breaks in between two exercises.

Download the plan for this workout here.

Download the plan for this workout here.

Now it’s your turn!

These workouts are just the beginning! You can find more resistance band exercises here. Add these to your functional training program. Power Bands can be used for strength training as well as fast, explosive training, and even endurance training. There is almost no limit to your imagination and you can do those exercise virtually anywhere. So give it a try and let us know how you like your new training!