Resistance bands

Resistance bands produce a progressively increasing training resistance and are perfect for strength and mobility training. Strength training with elastic bands ist joint-friendly because the maximum resistance of pushing exercises is reached in the most stable position (lock out). Our alphabands + add-ons expand the possibilities significantly, are anti-bacterial, and suitable for allergy sufferers.

Resistance band training – full body training with fitness bands

Versatile full body training with fitness bands

Elastic resistance bands are universally usable and offer applications for every athlete and every training situation. Whether it is strength or mobility training, as the training resistance or support – the 1 m long powerbands make your training more effective and more diversified. They enable you to train your body in different ways.

Resistance bands as support

Fitness bands are often used as support for difficult exercises like pull-ups to make the exercises easier. If you fix them to the pull-up bar and position a knee in them, the elastic band will help pull you up when it contracts back to its normal length. Especially for beginners, this is a helpful support when they can’t do a full rep on their own yet. However, by using it simply as support you will not use the full potential of the resistance band. They are also perfect as training resistance.

Strength training with powerbands

If you compare powerbands with barbells or dumbbells two differences become apparent. For one, you can only work against gravity when using weights, so generally you lift the weight upwards. Resistance bands will also create a resistance in horizontal movements in pulling or pushing direction. Secondly, the resistance of fitness bands increases in relation to their elongation. This makes resistance band training very joint-friendly. During bench press, for example, the resistance is highest when both arms are fully extended (lock out). In starting position, when the shoulders are in the weakest position, the resistance is lowest.

Video: strength training with alphaband resistance bands

The most versatile strength training with the alphaband Trainer

The evolution of resistance bands

alphabands by aerobis are the logic progression from common resistance bands. They are made of polyurethane, not latex. Thus, they are best suited for allergy sufferers, anti-bacterial, easy to clean, and extremely durable. Additionally, alphabands are noticeably smaller yet stronger than latex bands. The light-blue bands are made in Germany and unfold their full potential in combination with the alphaband add-ons.

The best strength training

The alphaband Trainer consists of 5 resistance bands in different strengths, a Double Grip Handle that you can hold with one or both hands, and an anchor sling. This puts the most variable, comfortable strength training with resistance bands at your hands. The anchor sling can be connected to any mount and allows for a multi-variant strength training in any place. The individual alphabands are easily connected to the anchor sling and handle via carabiners and not only let you train your strength in virtually any direction but also adjust the resistance from very easy to very hard. The times of changing between different dumbbells or weight plates are now over!

Get a grip

The Double Grip Handle of the alphaband Trainer is longer than normal handles so that you can not only hold it with one hand but also with both hands simultaneously. While the former is obvious, the latter constitutes a big advantage when training deadlifts or upper body rotational exercises. At the same time, the aluminum-made Double Grip Handle with rubber coating is very light and robust, making the alphaband Trainer your compact strength training bundle anytime anywhere.

A customer feedback on our bands

… on the alphabands. Sure, they might be a little more expensive then ordinary power bands on the market. But the quality and optics are (like with all aerobis products) exceptional. Especially the fast and easy change of different resistance levels in combination with of the grip and carabiner allow a truly “fluid” training experience. Only through the grip handle users can fully develop enough force without having pressure points or friction on the hands. But even without the grip handle the bands are very comfortable. In my courses the bands have received raving praise several times: “How cool is that? I have never seen this before. This way strength training becomes a lot more fun.”

Ulrich H.26.4.2017 - Deutschland

Training Focus fitness bands

Elastic resistance bands are versatile training tools: they offer strength training, support, and mobility training in one.


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