Powerful resistance bands

Our fitness bands generate a progressively increasing training resistance and are ideal for training strength and muscle building. The maximum resistance is achieved exactly with the maximum muscle contraction. It doesn’t get any better than this!

aerobis news: alphabands 2.0 are here!
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Resistance band training – full body training with fitness bands

Better than dumbbells

If you compare alphabands with dumbbells or dumbbells, two differences are noticeable. First, dumbbells are always used to train against gravity, i.e. roughly from bottom to top. Resistance bands also allow horizontal movements, where the resistance arises in the direction of pull or push. Secondly, the resistance of the fitness bands increases in relation to the stretch. This makes the workout especially joint-gentle. For example when bench pressing with fitness bands, the resistance is highest when the arms are completely stretched (lock-out). In the starting position, when the shoulders are in the weakest position, the resistance is also lowest. With the fitness bands you can do a strength training with moves from bottom to top, moves in the horizontal and from top to bottom.

alphaband 2.0 – our fitness bands thought further

The brand new alphabands are our logical progression of the first generation alphabands. They are also made of polyurethane but are even more compact – making them even easier to transport and combine. We now manufacture each band strength individually and can therefore not only produce rounded edges but also a permanently velvety surface. The new alphabands simply feel good and have now been significantly reduced in terms of initial resistance. At the same time, we have been able to increase the elasticity from 100 to 150% and thus maintain a high maximum performance. Last but not least, we have now coloured our bands differently so that they can be distinguished more easily. Of course, we have only used our well-known discreet colour scheme, so that it does not look like a circus. We now offer the following variants:

  • alphaband loop – a 100 cm long round band. Strength training without handles and fastenings everywhere.
  • alphaband Trainer – the ultimate complete system for your strength training.

Our all-round system for maximum power

Our alphaband Trainer consists of five resistance bands in different strengths, a double handle that you can grip with one or both hands and an anchor sling with integrated door anchor. This complete package allows you the optimal training with resistance bands. With the anchor sling the trainer can be attached to doors, hooks, trees and allows you to use the fitness set sensibly at any place. The individual alphabands are easily connected via the carabiners with the anchor sling as well as the handle and allow not only a strength training in every direction but also a resistance setting from easy to extremely difficult. Simply hook on the desired fitness bands and off you go. The double handle of the alphaband trainer is extra long, so that you can train not only with one hand, but also with both hands at the same time when needed. The aluminium handle is coated with softgrip plastic and has a very good grip. This makes the alphaband Trainer the ultimate mobile strength training device.

10 reasons for alphaband fitness bands from aerobis

  1. Flexible: alphabands are super easy to transport and fit in every pocket. Experience a full-fledged fitness workout at home or just take the fitness bands with you to the park. The different band thicknesses ensure an intensive workout without the need for any additional equipment.
  2. For everyone: alphabands are available in different sizes, strengths and variations. No matter if you are a fitness newbie or a professional – here is a band for you guaranteed.
  3. Strong value for money: No more membership fees and fitness subscriptions. An alphaband is probably the most versatile training device at a small price. A one-time investment for your body and your health, which is worth it.
  4. Versatile & multifunctional: Whether strength training, stability or endurance – alphaband is suitable for all types of training and strengthens the whole body. While the focus of the exercises is often on larger muscle groups, you can of course also use the bands for small muscle groups and your deeper lying muscles.
  5. Very intense: More muscles are used due to the resistance and the absolute freedom of movement. Optimal: the highest muscle contraction is also the highest strain.
  6. Progressive: By varying the thickness of the ligaments, ligament combinations and distances, you create a training stimulus that makes your muscles grow. With a combination of the five different band strengths you can create a resistance of up to 150 kilograms. So who else needs dumbbells?
  7. Highly effective: Faster movements or a strong swing to make the weight appear lighter? There is no cheating when training with alphabands, because every exercise remains intensive…
  8. Gentle & safe: Training with the alphabands is not only easy on your joints but also reduces the risk of injury. The rounded edges and the velvety surface guarantee you a good grip, do not pull on skin or hair and make your training a safe experience. Above all, you do not handle weights that can fall or shift.
  9. Anti-bacterial alphabands are not made of latex, do not smell of chemicals and do not cause allergic reactions or skin irritations. They are made in Germany and are easy to clean under the tap. The material alphabands are made of has antibacterial properties!
  10. Durable: The material of the alphabands is stronger than rubber and latex and becomes less brittle or cracked. Even when overstretched, the resistance bands tear less quickly and even UV rays can break alphabands through integrated UV filters. So you have long fun with your fitness bands!

  • Maximum resistance in Kg (Lbs)
  • alphaband Loop Light
  • alphaband Loop Medium
  • alphaband Loop Heavy
  • alphaband Loop Xheavy
  • alphaband Loop Argh
  • Combined 150kg (329 lbs) of resistance. Depends on a lot of factors like room temperature, distance and pre-tensioning.
  • Maximum resistance in Kg (Lbs)
  • 15 (33)
  • 20 (44)
  • 25 (55)
  • 35 (77)
  • 55 (120)
  • Combined 150kg (329 lbs) of resistance. Depends on a lot of factors like room temperature, distance and pre-tensioning.

Fitness Focus


Elastic resistance bands are versatile training tools: they offer strength training, support, and mobility training in one.

FAQ – the most frequent questions about alphaband

What do you train with fitness bands?

When searching for fitness bands you will find various terms such as power band, resistance band, fitness tubes, gymnastics band, pull-up band or theraband. Not all terms really stand for a different kind of fitness band or a different use. alphaband fitness bands are elastic resistance bands, which were especially designed for strength training and the use as power band. A mobility training is also possible with alphabands but our primary goal is to improve your strength.

Why can training with alphabands be healthier than fitness with weights?

Strength training with alphabands is not only easy on the joints, but also keeps you in a stable posture even during heavy exercises. The more you stretch, the greater the resistance of the ligaments, so that bones, tendons and joints are not stressed too much.

Dumbbell training, on the other hand, always trains against gravity, from bottom to top. If you want to lift a weight when bench pressing and you have not yet stretched your arms completely, this posture is problematic for your joints, because your shoulders are in the weakest position, but still have to hold a heavy weight.

With alphabands in this position, the resistance of the ligaments is also low, so that you can spare your joints – even when you do exercises horizontally or from top to bottom.

Why would I buy alphabands right now?

alphaband inspire in subtle colours and do not necessarily remind of the flashy 90s. Due to new production methods, they have an improved elasticity and thus form the logical further development of our first generation of fitness bands. Although alphabands are super-compact, they are stronger and more elastic. This means they last extremely long and are still easy to clean. Because they are made of polyurethane, even allergy sufferers can train with alphabands.

What do I have to consider when buying?

  • The right quality: When buying your new fitness band, make sure that it is stable, does not smell of rubber and has a pleasant texture. That way you will have fun with your band for a long time.
  • Resistance strength: The strength of the resistance determines how intense your training is. As a beginner, you should therefore start with a low resistance level, which you gradually increase. Ideally you should use the bands as a set, so you can adjust the resistance individually and train your legs with a stronger band than your arms.
  • The type of fitness band: Fitness bands are available in various designs. Which band you choose depends on how you want to train. If you plan a strength training you should choose a loop or the trainer. For flexibility, stability and stretching exercises, use an open band, as it builds up resistance more slowly and starts with a weaker resistance.
  • The double grip on the trainer gives you more control and comfort during training. It allows you to do exercises where you need to hold the strap firmly in your hand, such as side lifting, rowing or curls. By the way: you can also easily remove the handle and do exercises without a handle.

Which exercises can I do with the fitness band?

Fitness bands are suitable, in addition to strengthening exercises, also for warm-up, relaxation exercises and stability training. No matter which part of the body you want to strengthen and whether you train with your own body weight or do dumbbell-like exercises – the bands can really be used everywhere.

You are still an absolute beginner and can’t do much with the exercises or are looking for more inspiration for your next workout? Then take a look at our exercise videos!

What do I have to consider when training?

  • Read the instructions that we include with each band.
  • Check the band before each training session for damage to avoid possible injuries.
  • Do the exercises slowly and keep the tension for a few seconds.
  • Hold the band firmly, because if it slips from your hand or foot, it can hurt quite a bit.
  • Start off moderately and work your way up slowly to achieve the best possible training progress.

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Customer Feedback

… on the alphabands. Sure, they might be a little more expensive then ordinary power bands on the market. But the quality and optics are (like with all aerobis products) exceptional. Especially the fast and easy change of different resistance levels in combination with of the grip and carabiner allow a truly “fluid” training experience. Only through the grip handle users can fully develop enough force without having pressure points or friction on the hands. But even without the grip handle the bands are very comfortable. In my courses the bands have received raving praise several times: “How cool is that? I have never seen this before. This way strength training becomes a lot more fun.”

Ulrich H.