Eccentric Training for fast & lasting muscle growth

Eccentric training without limits at any location: an absolute novelty

In classical muscle training we usually work with concentric movements: The contraction of the muscles, like pushing up a barbell in bench press. Flywheel training with the aerobis kinetic trainer, on the other hand, requires mainly eccentric muscle work: the movement against a resistance, such as when lowering the barbell in bench press.

This works with a rotating flywheel, which should be set in motion in the concentric part of the exercise and then slowed down again in the eccentric part with maximum effort. Through this maximum effort, the deceleration of the resistance ideally occurs faster than the build-up of resistance in the concentric phase. This results in an enormous training stimulus, which is difficult to achieve by other means.

When you train with the Kinetic Trainer you increase:

  • Muscle strength
  • Muscle mass
  • Jumping power
  • Core strength

This is how training with a flywheel works

aerobis Kinetic Trainer is a compact device that can be attached in a flexible way to walls, rigs or pillars. The movement sequence is in two phases.

Phase 1 – Concentric movement: The flywheel inside the trainer is set in motion and accelerated by pulling the strap. It builds up kinetic energy. As soon as the strap has been completely unrolled, the flywheel automatically pulls it back again: like a yo-yo.

Phase 2 – Eccentric movement: The strap is pulled back by the flywheel. The challenge is to quickly bring the rotating plate to a standstill through high resistance. Afterwards the concentric movement starts again.

Once you get used to the movement with the aerobis Kinetic Trainer, you can vary the degree of difficulty individually by the amount of force in the concentric phase and the selected flywheel combination!

Decide for yourself how hard you want to train

No matter if warm-up or maximum muscle growth: You can determine the intensity of your training with the aerobis Kinetic Trainer yourself. The greater the force required to unroll the band, the higher the resistance when the band is pulled back. Unlike training with weights, your muscles are always under constant tension. This increases the efficiency and intensity of your workout!

The individually adjustable intensity makes flywheel training perfect for many different requirements: From top-class sport and sport-specific training, general fitness, personal training to rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

aerobis Kinetic Trainer Preview
aerobis Kinetic Trainer - measure your flywheel training with powrlink
Aerobis kinetic trainer eccentric move

Compact design and all in one. Train where and when you want!

The aerobis Kinetic Trainer is extremely mobile and weighs only 5 kilograms. Thanks to the well-thought-out design it is easy to transport and can be used anywhere. Unlike other products in this segment, you don’t need a stand-on platform and are not limited to exercises that can only be performed vertically. The possibility to do horizontal exercises as well expands your possibilities enormously. In addition, the fast-rotating swing plates are safely installed in the housing due to the construction of the Kinetic Trainer.

The standard set already includes a practical combo-suspension for use on walls, rigs, pillars or trees. So you can take the flywheel trainer everywhere and mount it: At home, in the gym and outdoor in the garden or park.

Your advantages when working out with the aerobis Kinetic Trainer

In the standard package of the aerobis Kinetic Trainer you get a durable pull strap and the versatile combo suspension. It guarantees not only the attachment to posts, but also the safe mounting on walls (incl. dowels and screws).

With the aerobis flywheel trainer you can train the upper body as well as the legs: The set includes a double grip for arm exercises and sturdy ankle loops for leg training.

The two exchangeable 4 mm plates allow you to adjust the resistance individually. You can find out how this works in the comprehensive brochure included in the set.

You want more variety in your workout?

To make your workout even more fun, we have prepared two optional sets for you. They can be easily and safely combined with the aerobis Kinetic Trainer.

  • aerobis Fitness Harness: With the upper body harness you can extend the possibilities of the flywheel trainer to squats and similar exercises. It is fastened with the included buckle and can be individually adjusted according to body size.
  • aerobis Kinetic Trainer Plates 8 mm: For a higher resistance during the workout you can supplement the two included 4 mm plates with two 8 mm plates. This offers you an even greater variety of difficulty levels. You can combine the plates for kinetic training: 4|0 mm, 4|4 mm, 8|0 mm, 8|4 mm, 8 |8 mm
  • powrlink Fitness Sensor: Make your performance visible with our mobile powrlink fitness sensor. Transmits acceleration and resistance wirelessly to Apple and Android smartphones and tablets

10 reasons for the aerobis Flywheel Trainer

  1. Effective training: The regular change between concentric and eccentric movements on the flywheel guarantees maximum training stimulus.
  2. Individual intensity: The more force is used when unrolling the belt, the higher the resistance when it rolls up again – you determine the intensity of your training!
  3. Adjustable resistance: The weight discs can be easily exchanged. For an even higher resistance, two 8 mm discs are optionally available. They allow a total of five different, individual combinations.
  4. Training for the whole body: Together with Kinetic Trainer, you not only get an aluminium double handle for training your upper body. The included ankle loops are also perfect for leg exercises.
  5. Training for all needs: Thanks to the variable resistance, the flywheel training is suitable for top athletes, personal training, but also physiotherapy and rehabilitation.
  6. Easy to transport: With a weight of only 5 kg and a compact casing, you can take aerobis Kinetic Trainer wherever you want. Train at home, in the gym or outside in the park!
  7. Easy to use: While other flywheel trainers require bulky platforms, aerobis Kinetic Trainer can be easily mounted anywhere. The included combi-suspension is suitable for mounting on all rigs, posts, trees or walls (including installation material for stone walls).
  8. Safe training: The rotating plates are securely fixed inside the Kinetic Trainer. Nevertheless, they can be exchanged with only a few hand movements to change the resistance.
  9. Never boring: The principle of flywheel training is easy to learn. No matter if demanding or low intensity – there are no limits to creativity when choosing the exercises! The optionally available accessories from aerobis are easy to use and are guaranteed to fit. 
  10. Best value for money: The aerobis Kinetic Trainer Package includes everything you need to get started with effective flywheel training – at a fair price! You don’t have to order any additional products for mounting on rigs, walls or trees – the combination suspension is included.

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Customer feedback

Order received and i have to say that the Kinetic Trainer is AWESOME! Again, the Kinetic Trainer is AWESOME – easy to anchor everywhere, effectively priced, lighweight to carry as well as extremely effective!

Ioannis P.

FAQ – the most frequent questions about Kinetic Trainer

What are the resistance levels of Kinetic Trainer?

  • 0.012 kgm² = 1x 4 mm flywheel
  • 0.023 kgm² = 1x 8 mm or 2×4 mm flywheel
  • 0.035 kgm² = 4 + 8 mm flywheel
  • 0.046 kgm² = 2x 8 mm flywheel

What is so special about flywheel training?

In contrast to classic muscle training with weights, both concentric and eccentric movements are performed on the flywheel: Your muscles exert strength through contraction and work against the pull of the belt when it rewinds.
You are constantly in motion and control the resistance yourself – for maximum training success!

Can anyone train with the flywheel?

Anyone can train with an aerobis Kinetic Trainer. The intensity depends on the amount of force required when unrolling the traction band: You can determine it yourself. The workout with the flywheel is suitable for top-class sports and personal training as well as for physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Why should I choose the Kinetic Trainer from aerobis?

An aerobis Kinetic Trainer set includes everything you need for your flywheel workout. Unlike other fitness equipment, the Kinetic Trainer is easy to use: Its 5 kg weight and compact design make it extremely mobile. The included combi-suspension with lashing straps guarantees the flexible use indoor and outdoor. It can even be installed directly on the wall. Of course, we supply the mounting material for the wall! You can train when and where you want. You can also determine the intensity yourself.
The optional aerobis Kinetic Trainer flywheels 8 mm and the aerobis Fitness Harness expand your training possibilities and provide an even greater challenge! Both can be attached quickly and easily.

Which exercises can be done with aerobis Kinetic Trainer?

aerobis Kinetic Trainer comes with a double handle and two ankle loops. With the aluminium double handle you can exercise one or both arms and the entire upper body. The robust ankle loops are perfect for leg training. The workout with the flywheel trainer provides more overall core stability.
For leg training, such as squats, it is best to get the aerobis Fitness Harness! It is attached directly to the Kinetic Trainer’s strap using the carabiner and strap clamp provided. With it you can quickly and easily adjust the pull height for squats – depending on your height.

Is training with the flywheel trainer safe?

Kinetic Trainer consists of a sturdy housing in which the rotating discs are fixed. They can still be exchanged with just a few simple steps – read more in the booklet included in the delivery. With the included combi-suspension you can mount the flywheel trainer easily and safely on rigs, posts, trees and walls.
There is no danger during the training. However, you should be careful when you start training with the flywheel. Familiarize yourself slowly with the sequence of movements and follow the instructions in the booklet provided.

What do I have to consider during training?

  • Talk to your trainer, therapist or doctor before you start training with the flywheel.
  • Carefully read the supplied instruction manual and the tips for use before training.
  • Get advice on the correct position and suitable exercise sequences for your first training session.
  • Have an individual workout designed to meet your needs and goals.
  • Get slowly used to the workout with the flywheel.
  • Start with simple exercises and low resistance.
  • Increase the intensity only after you have internalized the movement sequence.
  • Make sure your body is in a stable position and has a safe range of motion to prevent injury.

How do I install the Fitness Harness to perform squats?

aerobis Fitness Harness - Howto

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