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aerobis Battle Boa - Training

Rope Climbing & Sled Pulls with the Battle Boa – our Battle Rope Trainer

The new Battle Boa perfectly complements our portfolio of rope workout machines. In addition to our revvll endless rope workout machines, you can now use any Battle Rope for your rope pull training with the Battle Boa. The Battle Boa is also perfect for simulating sled pulls and sled pushes.

Use any Battle Rope up to 60mm cross-section and in any length and clamp it into the Battle Boa in a few seconds. That is why we call it a Battle Rope Trainer. Set the resistance from light to full rope blockage and start pulling!

Rope Fitness on a new level

When the term rope pull fitness comes to mind most think of battle ropes, rope climbing in the gym or cable towers. Hardly anyone thinks of an continuous rope, yet a revvll rope workout machine is the perfect fitness equipment for your rope fitness. Read on and we’ll tell you why that is!

There are many general benefits of continuous rope workouts:

  • High flexibility and enormous number of rope pull exercises
  • Training of intermuscular coordination
  • Gentle strength training in rehabilitation
  • Training of complete movement sequences
  • Training of sport-specific movements
  • Low risk of injury

But there are also disadvantages of conventional rope training:

  • Big space requirements – for battle rope training and rope climbing
  • High cost of cable towers
  • Not mobile – except battle ropes
  • Primarily training in the gym

The benefits of revvll rope training machines

revvll rope workout machines solve these problems of rope training. The biggest advantage of revvll is its small size and mobility. The revvll rope workout machines can be used indoors and outdoors anywhere you have something to hang them on. Included with the revvll models is an anchor sling and carabiner. So they can be suspended on any rack, bar, frame, tree and much more and the cable training can start directly. The pulling exercises are possible from above, horizontally and from below, as with pulling towers. Due to the adjustable resistance, both an excellent strength training and a demanding endurance training is possible with the revvll. Also partner exercises are possible with the revvll rope workout machines.

Rope trainer machine exercises with different resistances

The adjustability of the resistance is a key element in the revvll to make rope climbing possible for every athlete, whether rehab patient or professional athlete. At the same time, this allows for excellent control of the workout. Those who prefer to train strength choose a higher resistance. For endurance training, low resistances and the longest possible exercise duration are selected.

revvll rope training for pro athletes - Vito Dragič
revvll Mobile Rope Training Machines // train Cardio & Strength anywhere

The lost art of rope training

It was an Olympic sport once, now you probably only know it from movies: rope climbing. Even though the surge of CrossFit has reinvigorated some of its former meaning, rope climbing is rareley seen in today’s training world. This has several reasons but it is a real shame because rope climbing is such a great exercise.

Rope climbing with the revvll rope workout machines

Rope climbing, as you can practice with the revvll rope workout machines, demands not only the back muscles, but also the shoulders, arms and grip strength. As one works with the entire body weight, a large expenditure of strength over a relatively long period of time is possible, which benefits endurance. There is also a coordinative aspect. In contrast to pull-ups, the rope does not offer an even hold, the neuromuscular requirements are much higher. In short: rope climbing is a prime example of functional training. But rope climbing is also dangerous due to its enormous height and is therefore hardly practiced nowadays.

Rope pull fitness for everyone and everywhere

There are rope climbing machines that allow the trainee to simulate rope climbing. However, these machines are big and heavy. The revvll was created to allow rope climbing everywhere and for every trainee. A positive side effect of the light weight is the fact that the revvll offers significantly more exercises.
With classic rope climbing you pull the rope towards your body, with the revvll rope resistance training, however, you can move the rope in various ways against a certain resistance: pulling, pushing, and rotating movements in different angles are possible. You don’t sit on a rope climbing machine or are clinging to a rope – you can choose your own position freely. Thus, revvll rope workout machines give you an overall upper body training with adjustable resistance. All you need to do is change your own position towards the training tool or the mounting height of the revvll.

Ropetrainer modelrevvll PRO – Rope Workout Machinerevvll ONE – Rope Workout MachineBattle Boa – Battle Rope Trainer
Weight5.5 kg / 12.2 lb4.7 kg / 10.3 lb2,9 kg / 6.39 lb
Rope4 m / 13 ft3.5 m / 11.5 ftTextile rope
Intensity adjustment6 levelsContinuously adjustableContinuously adjustable
Braking mechanismEddy currentFriction brakeRope brake
Smooth rope transport
Repetition counter in rope
IncludedAnchor sling with carabiner, exercise poster, manualAnchor sling with carabiner, exercise poster, manualAnchor sling with carabiner, manual
Comparing revvll ONE vs PRO rope training machines (English)

Fitness Focus


Train your strength and endurance with a revvll rope resistance trainer in intensive workouts. The high time under tension promotes blood flow into the muscles.

FAQ – frequently asked questions

The revvll is a so-called rope workout machine. It allows for a training with a training rope that can be moved through the casing with different resistance settings. The revvll offers pushing and pulling movements as well as rotational exercises against a constant resistance. Additionally, thanks to the included anchor sling the revvll can be mounted in different heights which opens up even more different movements.

The revvll ONE offers the perfect introduction to continuous rope training with its easy handling, infinitely adjustable resistance and particularly robust construction. It has an even higher maximum resistance than the revvll PRO due to the direct brake. The revvll PRO is the professional version with eddy current brake, which enables optimal training control with its 6 adjustable resistances and the blue repetition counter in the rope. The longer rope and the smooth rope transport allow a perfect flow of movements during training.

The Battle Boa allows any Battle Ropes to be used as a traction device for rope training. So, unlike revvll, different rope diameters and textures can be used. With the Battle Boa, the pull rope is directly braked by friction and this is the rope is a wear part which is very easy to replace.

You can see the differences between the revvll ONE, revvll PRO and Battle Boa at a glance in the table above. Here is a video with the difference between revvll ONE and PRO

As of right now, the revvll doesn’t really have direct competition, it is unique. It was developed as a space-saving, mobile, versatile, and reasonable alternative to common rope climbing machines which is why this comparison can be drawn. Rope climbing machines simulate climbing up a rope with an rope workout machine. The machines, however, are stationary and often only allow for one or to movement directions. Additonally, these machines are very expensive and, thus, only for big gyms an attractive addition to their machine park. The revvll was designed to address all these disadvantages. With its 4 m long rope workout machine it weighs less than 6 kg (13 lb), thus it is easy to transport and can be mounted in different heights. Depending on mounting height and the position of the trainee towards the revvll, there are different possible exercises with pushing, pulling, and rotating movements. And finally, the revvll costs only a fraction of the aforementioned rope climbing machines which makes it an attractive option for personal trainers and small gyms to expand their range of training possibilities with an innovative and unique piece of equipment.

The space requirement of our rope workout machines is very small. The revvll itself needs only little space, the rope and the trainee take up most of the training space. Deciding factors for the necessary training space are the mounting height of the revvll and the direction in which you want to train. The most training space is needed when the revvll is mounted a hip height and the trainee pulls the rope towards their mid region. This rope training setup would take up about 2.5 m of space. To the sides you should have 2 m overall to make every rotational exercise possible. In between these margins, all exercises can be done without any limitations. If the revvll is mounted higher or lower than hip height, or the body center of the trainee, then the necessary training space becomes even smaller.

Distance to other training equipment: please note that the revvll needs sufficient distance to other training equipment like sling trainers or powerbands. Otherwise, these could be pulled into the casing of the revvll and damage it and get damaged themselves.

All aerobis rope trainers can be suspended almost anywhere thanks to the anchor loop and the anchor carabiner. Rigs, cages or other training frames are suitable for this, as are trees or climbing structures on playgrounds. The attachment point should withstand a tensile load of 300 kg. Make sure that the rope trainer has enough distance to the holding object to avoid accidental impacts against the housing. If the rope trainer is fixed near the ground, please make sure that it is protected from hitting the ground e.g. by a mat and that the pulling rope is fed freely and straight into the rope trainer.

The aerobis Rail + revvll Mount is an adjustable rail that attaches directly to the wall and allows quick and easy adjustment of the suspension height. For our customers who already have a verso360 training frame or want to expand their training areas with a multifunctional functional training station, we also offer the verso360 T-Adjust XL with revvll Mount, which can be attached to any T-Stand (vertical leg of a verso360 frame).

If you have any questions about which mounting option would be best for you and your training space, we would be more than happy to help. We are happy to advise you!

The mounting of the revvll can vary in height. Both a mounting near the ground and a mounting in head height offer many exercise variations. Different heights will make different exercises possible. Make sure, however, that the resistance wheel on top of the revvll is in reach for each of the trainees at any time so they can adjust the intensity of the training to their individual fitness levels.

Our wall rail is the optimal wall mount for the revvll. It allows for quick and easy height adjustment. The rail should be installed about 30-60 cm above the floor to enable all exercises and arrange for maximum movement radius.

The resistance of a revvll PRO is determined by two factors:

1: The setting of the resistance with the resistance wheel
2: The traction speed (in m/s, or rope cycles in Rounds per Minute, RPM. A full rope cycle equals 4 m)

The determined traction powers at 1 m/s range from 135 watt on level 1 up to 500 watt on level 6:

  • Level 1: 135 watt
  • Level 2: 160 watt
  • Level 3: 190 watt
  • Level 4: 280 watt
  • Level 5: 390 watt
  • Level 6: 500 watt

Please note: the given watt values are approximated values. The true traction powers can differ slightly.

The resistance of the revvll ONE can be adjusted progessively up to the point of blocking the rope entirely. Caution: this can increase wear because the rope is stressed disproportionately.

For a material-friendly handling we recommend a constant and steady pushing and pulling behaviour with moderate acceleration and decelaration of the rope. Sudden and explosive rope movements lead to a significantly increased friction between the revvll core and the rope. We further recommend using the rope in a way that it doesn’t drag over the floor. This would also increase wearout.

Smooth rope transport refers to the behaviour of the rope immediately after it has been pulled or pushed. In this aspect, the revvll PRO and revvll ONE differ significantly in their handling.
The rope of the revvll PRO runs on for a short amount of time after you have moved it over the axle in the center of the casing. This allows for a flowing movement and you can use the momentum of the rope when you continue to move it further. With the revvll ONE, however, the rope pratically stops right after letting it go. This behaviour requires a higher degree of strength to bring the rope into motion again.

Download the instructions here.

Through our years of experience and pioneering work in this field, we have achieved an extreme durability of the main rope. Even revvll, which have been in use for years, still have their first main rope. If at any time you need to exchange your revvll, you can simply send us your revvll by parcel service and we will do the service for you. At the service we inform you about the costs in advance and you can decide what to do.

We give a 24-month warranty on factory defects (EU) and recommend annual maintenance by us in case of heavy use. The service for revvll is generally very uncomplicated, as the devices can be sent to us easily with the normal parcel service.

There can be several reasons for a static charge of the installation. One reason could be that friction from the carpet separates charges and the motion of the rope transports it to the revvll body. A static charge with the same potential of trainee, rope, and machine is also possible. When an uncharged person touches the rope, the charge can flow.

A possible solution: trainees should always be grounded in order to prevent static charge or conduct it directly. You can achieve this by using ESD protection mats which are widely available. These mats are placed on the gground underneath the revvll so that the trainee can stand on it during training. The mat is connected to an ground conductor via a cable.

These are general guidelines without commitment and must be verified with a specialist on site.

Rope trainer machine Exercises & Videos

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Customer Feedback

The revvll is integrated in our circuit training and supplements the functional training. Trainees of all ages can work with the revvll and that’s what makes it perfect for our circuit training.
My favorite exercise is definitely pulling down with stretched arms – a great exercise for the triceps, too!

Stefan SchillerTrainer SPORTSMANN

Rope training is mostly performed in a stooping hip position. The revvll PRO is an innovative training tool that expands rope training with a multitude of other exercises. My clients, who spend a great portion of their day sitting, are not trained in this position but in an upright motion. And the revvll enables pushing and pulling movements in exactly this motion. The high manufacturing quality and the enormous mobility make the revvll one of a kind on the business.

Rouven BürgelPersonal Trainer, CEO Fit Team

I must admit that the revvll is probably if not the best workout device ever in today’s fitness world.
One of my best workouts with the revvll will be the biceps curl. Some will say the barbell curl might be the answer but I can argue that ’cause I workout with barbells too. However, I just discovered that the revvll is the best biceps builder and it gives you the fullest biceps pump ever.

Oumar CamaraInternational Zumba Instructor