Fitness Training with Weights

Our weights are not rigid like regular dumbbells and move during exercise. Your body has to compensate and adjust constantly. The stabilizing musculature is challenged as is your cardio system. This results in muscular adaptation for both sports and daily life!

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Functional Weight training – every movement is a new challenge

Effective training due to instability

Sandbags are instable weights that are filled with a freely moving load. When it comes to strength training, many athletes simply stack on heavier and heavier loads. Studies have shown, however, that the instability of a training weight and one’s own position is more important in regards to muscle stimulation than the weight itself. An instable weight creates more neuromuscular impulses and promotes more muscular adaptation than increasing the weight. Turns out, less really is more at times.

For better performance

Training with sandbags has a very good transfer to other sports and daily physical situations. Often times, you have to create power in situations where you have no perfect footing, outside influences impact your body or the object that you have to move doesn’t have an evenly distributed weight. Every repetition with the sandbag activates your muscles slightly differently. The high coordinative demands in sandbag training challenge your core muscles and teach you to generate enough power and body tension in every situation. This makes sandbags the embodiment of functional training.

Huge exercise variety

Sandbag training offers a versatile training that ranges from classic movements like deadlifts to swing exercises. Add barbell and kettlebell exercises, together with instability of the training weight – and you have sandbag training.

aerobis Fitness Kettlebell

The most versatile sandbags

There are different versions of sandbags. Common sandbag models sometimes let you change the training weight and ideally offer different handles. The so-called bulgarian bags have special handles that make them perfect for swing exercises but they won’t let you change the training weight. Our sandbag combines both versions in one tool. The different handles allow for a versatile training in which you can vary the same exercise with different grips. The special baton handles are perfect for swing exercises and train your grip strength.

With water filling

A key feature of our Sandbag is the fact that you can fill it with water too. Water turns your sandbag into an aquabag and training will become even more intense. The water never stands still and you need a great amount of strength and coordination to stabilize it. Especially your core strength is challenged and the interplay of the involved muscle groups is greatly improved.

Various possibilities

The different handles allow for a multitude of single and double-handed exercises. Additionally, the baton handles can be connected to our aeroSling sling trainers. You can also simply hold the Sandbag by its shell. This trains your grip strength and gives you even more exercises.

High quality

Our Sandbag can be used indoors and outdoors. The durable material withstand any wind and weather, the reinforced seams guarantee longevity.

aerobis Weight VEST

6-in-1 weight vest

Increase your bodyweight

Weight vests are an effective tool to make bodyweight training more challenging. The vests increase your bodyweight and, thus, the training resistance in exercises like squats, dips, and pull-ups.

Quick weight adjustment

Often times, weight vests come with fixed weight bags that can only be accessed from the inside. Our Weight VEST does it differently. For one thing, the 6 weight bags can be filled freely. With sand you can reach a total weight of up to 10 kg (22 lb), with steel shots you can even go as high as 25 kg (55 lb). And for another thing, you can remove the weight bags from the outside when you don’t need the same weight for a different exercise. You don’t have to take off the vest to change the weight. Thus, you have 6 weight vests in one.

Easy to clean

The side parts of the Weight VEST are open to allow for good air circulation. The inner surface is made from PVC and can be cleaned easily with a wet cloth. This prevents the typical odour development of other weight vests.

Available in 5 – 25 kg

You have the choice: you can order the unfilled VEST or we can fill it for you so you can start your bodyweight training right away.

blackPack VEST Latest Version Explained
blackPack VEST - Neue Version der Gewichtsweste erklärt

Fitness Focus

Sandbags mostly train your coordination and strength. The instable training weight will challenge you like nothing before.


Sandbag Exercises & Videos

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Customer Feedback

OUr Sandbag is used daily in our functional training sessions and boot camp courses. It gives us the opportunity to simulate everyday life movements with free weights. Bodybuilders, endurance athletes, and patients with chronic back pain all value training healthy and effective movement patterns.

The Sandbag is a must-have for every personal trainer.

Gregor AkkermanMein Körper - Sportwissenschaftliche Lösungen

The movement of the water forces the body to compensate constantly and this is something that is something that has proved successful in my personal training with professional athletes. In contrast to common weight training at machines, the water won’t let you cheat to complete the rep.

A compensation with the stronger side is impossible and, thus, there will be no one-sided load.

Gilbert KirchenmayerGilbert Sports Coaching

I have just received my Sandbag, awesome awesome awesome piece of kit. Thanks for all the development effort leading to it’s creation.

Customer Wayne G.After he received his order