Battle Rope & Heavy Jump Rope

Endurance training utilizing heavy, flexible ropes. The high time under tension makes Battle Rope and heavy Jump Rope training very effective for cardiovascular workouts.

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Battle Rope training – extreme strength-endurance training

DiameterBattle Rope 10m (33 ft)Battle Rope 15m (49 ft)Battle Jump Rope
30 mm5.5 kg / 12 lb8 kg / 18 lb1.4 kg / 3.1 lb
40 mm9.4 kg / 21 lb14 kg / 31 lb2.2 kg / 4.9 lb

Start making waves

Training with Battle Ropes might look easy but it can be extremely challenging. The ropes are between 10 and 20 m long and the trainee swings them in different ways to create waves that run towards the anchor. This involves your Arms, Shoulders, Core and even your Legs. It´s an effective cardio training that can be a full workout on its own as well as a challenging finisher at the end of a workout.

How does Battle Rope training work?

The Battle Rope is fixed to a central anchor so will need a little more then half the rope length as training space. The athlete holds both ends in his hands. The number of exercises is surprisingly high: apart from the well-known wave patterns (which can be done synchronous or alternating) you can do circles with your arms in front of your body or shake the rope horizontally so that it flows like two snakes towards the anchor point. Or explosively move both ends simultaneously from one side of your body to the other side. If you change your body position during the exercises – e.g. doing lunges at the same time or swinging the rope from a plank position – you can intensify your rope workouts even more.

aerobis for highest quality

Common Battle Ropes are often made of hemp or nylon. These materials, however, are not the best choice for fitness training ropes. They are not flexible enough for optimal waves and not suitable for outdoor training. aerobis Battle Ropes are made of polyester and manufactured with a complex weaving technique. This makes them heavier than other training ropes and, at the same time, more flexible. A stabilizing rope core is sewn up with the outer layer, guaranteeing that the Battle Ropes always keep their form. Additionally, aerobis Battle Ropes are UV-resistant and don’t soak up water. Thus, battle ropes by aerobis are not only suitable for indoor training but can also be used in outdoor trainings.

aerobis Battle Rope - creating the perfect wave

Which Battle Rope is the right for me?

How much space do I need?

If you want to train with Battle Ropes you will need approximately half the rope length as training space. Additionally, you need two or three meters to the side at your position. So if your training space is 6 m long you should take the 10 m model. Use the maximum space you can use as the main factor when deciding on a Battle Rope length. The rope length only influences your training directly if you want to reach the anchor with your waves. The longer the rope the better you can adjust the difficulty of the exercises by changing the distance the waves cover.

What diameter should I choose?

aerobis Battle Ropes are available in three diameters: 30 mm and 40 mm. The diameter of the rope directly influences the difficulty of the exercises because it determines the weight of the training rope. Thicker ropes demand more effort and strength in order to make waves.

Which Battle Rope is the right one for me?

The training ropes from aerobis are suitable for beginners and professional athletes alike, but in different versions. Novices stick to the variants with 30mm diameter. Battle Rope professionals go for the variants with 40mm diameter.

Challenge yourself with the Battle Jump Rope

The best cardio training

As a workout warm-up, for burning body fat or as cardio training – the jump rope offers a lot of potential and has taken its rightful place in fitness training. Jump ropes are an excellent functional training tool for full body training. While other cardio machines like steppers or bikes only target the lower body, the skipping rope uses the whole body. That makes it significantly more effective than most other cardio alternatives. In only 15 minutes you can burn up to 500 calories!

The ultimate challenge

Most skipping ropes are optimized for speed and are as light as possible. Our Battle Jump Rope, however, goes into a different direction: it is a 3 m long version of our Battle Ropes! With diameters between 30 and 40 mm the Battle Jump Rope is considerably heavier than any other skipping rope and aimed at athletes that like a challenge.

Small but mighty

Common jump ropes weigh around 300 g whereas our lightest blackthorn Battle Jump Rope weighs 1.4 kg. The 40 mm model even weighs 2.2 kg. So using a Battle Jump Ropes not only gives you an extremely challenging cardio training but also trains grip strength and shoulder stability.
Our Battle Jump Rope is made of polyester with a special weaving technique. Even though the rope is significantly heavier than common nylon ropes it has outstanding flexibility and is well-suited for rope jumping. The rubber handles offer a good grip and protect the rope from sweat.

aerobis Battle Jump Rope - REALLY heavy jump ropes

Fitness Focus

Battle Ropes by aerobis are the ultimate tools for endurance training. At the same time, you can improve strength and coordination.


Customer Feedback

We use the Battle Rope for strength-endurance, cardio, and circuit training and appreciate its versatility. We can do a holistic full-body workout with our athletes. Our favorite exercise are single arm waves from a plank position.

Erikson GerlachTrainer & Owner - Baegersport

Not an error, I ordered another one for my garden… finally a reason to go out besides pulling weeds…

The ropes are awesome, no comparison to a cheap nylon battle rope someone gave us!!

Customer EttaComment for her second order

FAQ – frequently asked questions

The Battle Rope from aerobis is a fitness rope, also known as battling ropes, training rope or power rope. It offers a range of different functional exercises where both ends of the rope are gripped with one hand each. It is available in various lengths and different diameters.

Battle Ropes are characterized by their high quality. They have a flexible polyester shell with a complex weaving technique. In addition, the ends of the handles are sewn to the rope core to prevent slippage during training. Thus, the rope always keeps its shape. The excellent wave properties make training with aerobis Battle Ropes more effective than with conventional twisted ropes.

With a fiber-based rope, it is normal that individual strands will come loose. Unlike simple, twisted ropes, this is not a problem with our Battle Ropes, because our ropes do not unravel. With a simple lighter, you can solder these strands and repair the rope. This video shows you how to do it.

Check out this video for guidance.

Most people think of the classic wave motions and the corresponding exercises when they think of Battle Ropes. However, this doesn’t do them justice. Our online training shows the best Battle Rope exercises for the entry to functional training with ropes. The possibilities, however, are endless: exercises with the rope’s own weight are possible as well as partner exercises and complex movements.

Training with Battle Ropes improves strength and strength endurance. You are constantly under stress during the exercises which makes the training so efficient. The whole upper body, especially the shoulder and arm musculature, is involved. Additionally, the lower extremeties can be included by combinations with e.g. squars or lunges, giving you a full-blown full body workout. Furthermore, the grip strength is challenge in almost every Battle Rope exercise. Training with Battle Ropes is absolutely safe and is suitbale for beginners as well as intermediates and experienced athletes.

Training with a Battle Rope certainly needs more space than most other training tools. This is due to the length of the rope which is mostly between 10 to 20 m (33 to 66 ft). Even though the Battle Rope is parted in half at the mounting point – so you just need half the space of the total rope length – you will still need 5 m between the anchor point and the end of the rope for the 10 m Battle Rope. For ropes with 15 or 20 m length you would need 7.5 or 10 m respectively. The space requirements to the side, however, are very moderate: with 2 m you can do most of the exercises without constraint.

The Battle Rope can be placed around any strong structure that can withstand the forces generated during training. For outdoor training, this would be park benches, trees or lanterns. For indoor training, you can either use a heavy weight such as a kettlebell or dumbbell, or you can use a fixed solution such as our Rope Mount.

aerobis Battle Ropes can be recommended for outdoor use without hesitation. Their polyester material offers many advantages in comparison to hemp-based ropes. They don’t elongate, even when in contact with water. They are also UV-resistant both of which guarantees a long training life.

Battle Rope Exercises & Videos

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