Suspension training with aeroSling

Suspension trainers are the all purpose tool in fitness training. aeroSling sling trainer with its central pulley offers you endless possibilities for a diversified full body training that can be adjusted to your personal needs. We will show you how it works.

Health guidelines:

aeroSling Sling-Trainer are demanding and powerful tools for physical fitness training at home. Please note our guidelines concerning safety and setup of the device to avoid injuries and accidents. Please consult your doctor, therapist, or trainer before training with the device for the first time! They can advise you accordingly and design an individual training plan for you. Get accustomed to the training slowly and don’t overburden yourself. You should start with uncomplicated exercises with little resistance and, if possible, train together with a training partner who can support you.

Online training plans & videos for Sling Training

Before you start

In the introduction video, our Head Coach Fabien explains how to use the aeroSling sling trainer how sling training works. With the included anchor sling you can start training almost anywhere so let’s get to it!

Training in real-time

Our training videos are divided in two parts. In the first part, Fabien will explain the suspension trainer exercises to you and give you tips for the correct form.

In the second part, you can train with us in real-time! The workout part has a countdown that tells you when a set starts and when you can pause. This will give you the perfect introduction to aeroSling suspension training. You will also find the matching suspension trainer exercises as a PDF for download!

Training with the aeroSling is so great because it offers the right training resistance for every trainee. Simply adjust your position towards the anchor point and the exercises will become harder or easier. It is in your hands at all times!

The training videos present a good overview of the versatility of the sling trainer. You can start your future training from these exercises but there are many more possibilities that we cannot show in one or two videos.

Your first aeroSling workout

You can write alot about sling training but you can also just do it and feel it for yourself! If you have never trained with the aeroSling before you will quickly notice how challenging simple movements can become when the pulley comes into play and you have to keep a high body tension. Thus, our first workout starts in medias res for a reason!
The first aeroSling workout is an AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible). This means that you have to complete as many repetitions in a given amount of time as you can,
without sacrificing movement quality at any point. Quality always comes before quantity!

Download the plan for this workout here.

Download the plan for this workout here.

Full body workout with the aeroSling

The second video shows a full body workout that only takes a short amount of time. The exercises seem easy enough but the training protocol will demand your full attention. Fabi gives you some tips on how to make some exercises easier or harder. And now let’s go!
The second aeroSling workout is focused on the number of total rounds. You complete a given number of reps for each exercises and then change to the next one. The task is to finish as many rounds as possible.

Download the plan for this workout here.

Download the plan for this workout here.

Now it’s your turn!

As mentioned before, these aeroSling exercises are only the beginning! You can find more sling trainer exercises here to integrate them into your training. The aeroSling is guaranteed to become your new best training tool that allows you to train anytime anywhere. So give it a try and let us know how you like your new training. We are looking forward to your feedback!