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We build products that enable you to train anywhere and anytime. You´ll also find our products in fitness gyms or with professional Personal Trainers because this is where quality and durability is a crucial requirement and not an option. Become a Anywhere-Athlete!

Welcome to aerobis!

Our company is located in the beautiful sports city Cologne right next to the German Sporty University. From here, we develop and market training products for Functional Training: meaning equipment for state-of-the-art training of strength, endurance, and coordination.

It all started in 2009 with the development of the aeroSling sling trainer by founder Elmar Schumacher, who originally designed the sling trainer for his own training.

  • How it all began…Elmar with one of the first aeroSlings

  • aeroSling ELITE packing….

  • …as a family business…

  • …with the WHOLE family.

  • The first FIBO appearance together with our partner Artzt back in 2010.

  • FIBO 2011 with the first own booth.

  • FIBO 2012. The team is growing…

  • Hello, Cologne! aerobis home game since 2013.

  • FIBO 2014 in the functional training hall 9. First presentation with more than 100 m².

  • Huge run at the FIBO 2015.

  • revvll Challenge at the FIBO 2016.

  • aerobis office in Cologne.

  • aeroSling ELITE group training

  • Blackthorn Battle Rope Workshop

  • Coordination exercise with the blackPack ESY S sandbag

  • Upper body workout with the revvll PRO rope trainer

  • Free-standing verso360 Frame – individually scalable

Customers and products

Our customers are gyms, clubs, personal trainers, and athletes that use our products at home, outdoors, or wherever they are located. We call them Anywhere-Athletes. For them and – not totally unselfisch – for ourselves, we design the products of our brands aeroSling, alphaband, blackPack, blackthorn, revvll, and verso360. The production is done in Germany and European neighbour-countries. We set a high value on a short product- and supply chain, and a continuous product optimization based on our customer feedback. We build versatile and mobile training devices that are premium-quality and well-thought-out while providing an innovative design.

Professional integrated solutions for gyms

You are looking for a complete solution for your Crosstraining studio, a new functional training area, your first own micro-club, or your home gym?
We’ll support you all the way from planning your area to the installation and education. Whether you want to implement group training, athletic training, or constantly new WOD’s: with our know-how and our training equipment we’ll help you to win over your customers.
In addition to our own products, we work with a wide partner network for all kind of equipment needs, starting from flooring to kettlebells. We provide you with the fitting solution customized to budget, size, and number of members. Contact us here.

  • Individual customer solution with verso360 Wall

  • Area planning with visualization

  • Strong brands complement our portfolio


The continous advancement of our products and the quest for the most effective training tools and methods result in a wide array of exercises and know-how which we don’t want to detain from you.

In our Intro-Workshops, we give you a substantiated insight into Functional Training and show you how to use our devices so that they’ll fit to you and your progressions. If you are a coach and you want to teach others our Certified Workshops are the right choice for you.

Our Inhouse Workshops for your staff are being designed individually as Half- or Full-day Workshops. We’ll provide you with the necessary tools to successfully implement Functional Training in your training facility or group training concept.

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