Functional training exercises with aerobis products

Here, you will find the best and most effective exercises in Functional Training with sling trainers, sandbags, battle ropes or a rope trainer because we know how it works. We don’t just train with Functional Training equipment because we produce it, we produce it because we want the perfect equipment for our own training. This is how all our products were developed and this also explains the high demands we have on the individual components. Thus, we have a considerable amount of know-how about Functional Training that we want to share with you.

Detailed exercise videos with text guidelines

Functional Training uses exercises that cannot be explained by a little diagram on the side of a fitness machine. Every exercise trains several muscles together and demands a good body control which isn’t required in common gym training. While you simply sit down in a training machine and let the machine lead your movements in traditional gyms, training equipment like sling trainers and sandbags offer considerably more training options and, with that, higher requirements for the trainee. To give you a good idea of what you have to look out for when training with sling trainers, sandbags, and ropes and which movement patterns can be used we have compiled a library of exercise videos.
Please note that we try to do every exercise as perfect as possible but, in the end, this is almost impossible. Especially since personal aspects like mobility and anatomical differences play an important part. Simply see our videos as suggestions for your own training and make sure that your posture is as optimal as possible in every movement. This will lower the risk of injury significantly and let you enjoy the workouts for significant and sustainable positive effects on your daily life.

Suspension trainer exercises with aeroSling

The sling trainer aeroSling is one of the most versatile sling trainers on the market. With its characteristic pulley it not only offers more exercises than common sling trainers, it is also expandable. With a Blackthorn Rowstick or a blackPack sandbag you can do even more sling training exercises to expand the range of bodyweight exercises you already have. At this time, however, we want to focus on the most basic sling trainer exercises to make the entry into Functional Training with the aeroSling as easy as possible for beginners. The intensity of each exercise is mostly determined by your position towards the mount – the bigger the portion of your bodyweight that you move with every exercise, the more difficult the exercise becomes.

link to the sling trainer videos

Sandbag training with the blackPack

A sandbag offers many different exercises in a mixture of barbell training and kettlebell training. Quick, explosive exercises with swinging movements and rotations are possible as well as typical barbell exercises like deadlifts or squats. Add to this the instability of the training weight which moves inside the blackPack. When filled with water, the blackPack PRO and the blackPack ESY L present an even greater challenge. How much training load you actually use for each exercise is dependend on your fitness level and your training protocol. Better choose a lighter weight at the beginning, especially when some exercises have rotational elements because the instability of the sandbag will have a huge influence here. And when your sandbag is filled with water you should definitely substract a few more kilos.

link to the sandbag videos

Rope training exercises with the revvll PRO rope trainer

Endless rope training with the revvll is not comparable to battle rope training which you will find a bit further down. Rope training with the revvll consists of working against a constant resistance with great force (depending on the resistance level). As in battle rope training, you can train explosive exercises with the revvll where each movement is done with great power. You can, however, also work with slow movements. Both training types can quickly become very challenging for beginners. Thus, for your first workout, we definitely recommend a low resistance even though it might feel too low at first. The high strain of rope training with a resistance leads to fast muscle fatigue. Thus, it is far more important how the resistance feels in the third set after one minute of work rather than in the first seconds of the first set. You can trust us, the difference will be bigger than you think!

link to the rope training exercises

Battle rope exercises with Blackthorn Battle Ropes

Battle rope exercises are commonly boiled down to swinging movements where the ropes form waves. But this doesn’t do the battle rope justice and withholds a versatility that you wouldn’t expect from such a simple training device. For example, you can use the own weight of the Blackthorn Battle Rope to do slow lifting movements. Have you ever done thrusters with a battle rope? Or butterflies? Explosive waves are also possible in many forms of course.

link to the Battle Rope exercises

Resistance band training with alphaband

The alphaband elastic bands offer a comprehensive array of exercises for strength training against an exponentially increasing resistance. With the alphaband add-ons and Sets, you have even more exercise possibilities than when only using the alphabands. Additionally, the training comfort is increased significantly. The five available resistances offer the right intensity and potential for every trainee and every exercise. If you use several resistances at the same time you can adjust the intensity even better to your training level.

Link to resistance band exercise videos

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Enjoy your Functional Training!

We wish you lots of fun and success while training with the Functional Training equipment by aerobis! We are convinced that our training equipment offers a healthy, sustainable, and optimally challenging full body training at all times, for beginners and professionals alike – especially in our modern daily life where most of us sit for long periods of time and don’t move nearly enough. If you’re already sitting in your job all day, you should definitely not sit down to train! Join the Functional Movement!