blackPack VEST

The variable extra-portion bodyweight

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The blackPack VEST is a well-thought-out solution for the training with your own bodyweight, or in addition to exercises with other training equipment.

Quick weight management

The blackPack VEST has six pockets on the front and back and, thus, can hold up to six blackPack VEST Loading-Bags. Depending on the chosen weight, the blackPack VEST is either filled with sand (5 and 10 kg versions), or with Steel Shots (15, 20 and 25 kg).
Which ever variant you ultimately choose, you’ll receive a 6-in-1 vest – ready to start your training right away.

Stylish and well-thought-out

The first ever weight vest of the blackPack product family gives you maximum variability, the same kind of variability that you are used to with our blackPack sandbags. The blackPack Vest comes in a stylish blue and black aerobis look. The material mixture of robust yet flexible textile (outer shell) and the hygienic, frictionless inner material (PVC) is a clever system. The PVC acts as a buffer between the body and the outer textile and thus avoids the weight vest-typical smell when sweat settles in the textile. The sides are still open to allow for a great air circulation underneath the vest and let your body breathe even in the hottest phases of your workout. Padding in the shoulder areas makes it comfortable to wear the vest for a longer time. Additionally, you can make your individual training weight visible by putting the weight cards in the provided weight card holder on the shoulder.

Intense training stimuli

The strong velcro straps can be quickly opened/closed, making the weight adjustment really comfortable. You want to use 17 kg of additional weight for your push-ups but only 12 kg for pull-ups? A few quick steps and three Loading-Bags less will accompany you on your way up to the bar.  Thus, you can create your workout as intense as you like. No more too long breaks, no more too light or too heavy vests.

Quick and easy weight adjustment

Ideal for efficient bodyweight workouts

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125,21 158,82  *

Ships in: 24 hours