Training with the revvll ONE and PRO: The special feedback of the “self-made sportsman” Ingo

We at aerobis would like to offer you sports equipment of the best quality for functional training. In plain language this means that with our machines you train the “functions” that your body parts should perform during sport or competition. You should be able to do the functional training with equipment that is as good as what you know from your fitness level. For this to succeed, we depend on customer feedback. We were therefore very pleased when Ingo wrote to us on his own initiative and gave us feedback. A mail change developed that almost resembled an interview. Ingo praised us, but also expressed constructive criticism in some places. He had bought the rope trainers revvll ONE and PRO as well as the wall bracket Rail Adjust to improve his fitness. Ingo kindly allowed us to publish his feedback and we don’t want to keep that from you.

Ingo actually builds his sports equipment himself

Ingo first wrote to us at the end of October 2019. Before we let him have his say, we would like to introduce him briefly. After all, you probably wonder why we publish his feedback so prominently. Ingo loves fitness and values functional training very much. He is a self-made athlete. This means that he built most of his sports equipment himself. He kindly sent us some pictures of his impressive work. Similar to us, Ingo has a weakness for stainless steel fitness equipment. Of course we wanted to know why he decided with these abilities to buy the revvll ONE and PRO as well as the wall mount Rail Adjust from us and how he thinks about our products as an experienced “builder”.

Ingo’s feedback on the revvll PRO

Compared to the revvll ONE, the revvll PRO is better. Since there is a slight “run-on”, this rope trainer makes it easier to reach around. Another positive feature is that clearly defined load levels are used. In this way, the rope trainer makes it possible to effectively monitor one’s own training progress and to switch specifically between several levels. The load that the revvll PRO offers at the highest level is likely to bring athletes with functional training experience to their limits. The eddy current brake on the revvll PRO is also maintenance-free, which makes it extremely professional. Like all aerobis products, the rope trainer is characterized by excellent material quality and workmanship.

Ingo about the revvll ONE

The revvll ONE is also a great rope trainer for functional training and fitness in general. Compared to the PRO, however, it drops off in some places. For example, the ONE rope is slightly shorter than the PRO rope, which can be disturbing during some exercises. The ONE is supported by the fact that it is possible to work with a higher load – but as mentioned above, the PRO also pushes the limits of functional training. The revvll ONE is also cheaper and therefore probably the better choice for people who are unsure whether they want or can improve their fitness through Functional Training. This kind of sport needs getting used to at the beginning. It relies on an intensive power endurance mixture. The focus of functional training is on the upper body. Although there are also exercises for the legs, both revvll variants are better suited as fitness machines for the upper body parts.

Ingo about the Rail Adjust convertible holder

The Rail Adjust wall mount allows the height of the rope trainers to be adjusted quickly and easily. The Rail Adjust is made of high-quality, thick-walled VA2 stainless steel and has been professionally welded. The wall bracket hangs bomb-proof on the wall – nothing wobbles. The endless trainers are very stable in the Rail Adjust, but can still be moved in all directions. The wall mount is an extremely useful addition for all athletes who already own or want to buy the rope trainers. Similar to the revvll ONE and PRO, the Rail Adjustment is a purchase for the whole sportsman’s life due to its high quality.

Ingo about functional training with our fitness equipment

The devices generate a high load. For example, you can easily power yourself out for 10 to 20 minutes. After 10 minutes the muscles burn. Since the loads are concentric and not eccentric, this type of fitness usually does not lead to muscle soreness. The revvll rope trainers also allow you to train from unusual positions – for example kneeling. This is not only fun, but also an amazing challenge for the deeper muscles.

From here on aerobis speaks to you again

Ingo also wrote us some very nice things about our service, our offer, our internet presence and our customer support. But it would feel strange to publish them here as well. Instead, we invite you to make these experiences yourself. Similar to many previous buyers, he also remarked that the prices of our products are absolutely worth their money, but at first they don’t seem too low. But you only buy once. We cordially invite you to also send us your experiences with our fitness equipment in general and functional training in particular, so that we can improve ourselves. We would also like to thank Ingo again for allowing us to publish his feedback. If you have any other questions or concerns about our rope trainers, the Rail Adjust or the Functional Training, please do not hesitate to contact us. Don’t hesitate – we will power you out for the benefit of your fitness, but don’t bite!

Last but not least – some shots of his Home Gym: