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Today we want to let our customers have their say. After all, it is our customers for whom we work every day in order to offer them what we believe to be the best training equipment. All the better when our customers see it the same way and are as enthusiastic about one of our products as Holger is. And now the unadulterated opinion of our customer Holger, who reports on his experiences with our aeroSling ELITE Plus.


The aeroSling ELITE Plus receives an absolute purchase recommendation from me. This recommendation is without restrictions. The recommendation also applies explicitly to all age and weight groups!


You have to train with it regularly to have an effect. By the way, this applies to every training device in the world.
The Sling Trainer is a professional device that may need some practice!
There is a weight approval of the manufacturer. If the own body weight should be above that, the Sling Trainer is in my opinion still a buy recommendation, however under the restriction that the effective load does not exceed this limit (this is however quite simply possible by an appropriate exercise execution).

Product (Quality, Functionality, etc.)

I’ll be brief here. I have been training with the aeroSling ELITE Plus for 2 months. Conclusion: The product is beyond all doubt in terms of quality and functionality! Somebody put serious thoughts in its design and didn’t save any money anywhere. A companion for life.

Why do I like the Sling Trainer so much (motivation, effect, etc.)?

First of all some information about myself: I am now over 50 years old. Sport was my constant companion. With 5 years I started with swimming training (not so great). From 8 to 18 years I was an (artistic) gymnast. After that I always did something regularly until now. At the moment I’m pretty fit (it’s amazing what you can achieve if you stick to it). But I’m certainly not a “sports junkie”. I don’t do a marathon, a triathlon or 4,000 km on my bike. So I am “normal”. But: I can (still) do 20 decent push-ups.

Why Strength Training?

Strength training is not my hobby. But I have found that strength training is good in every way (no pain, good body feeling, etc.). Strength training is therefore necessary and good! (There is also a lot of information on the net. [or in the aerobis Blog; the Editor ;) ] ) The problem is: You have to do it. And: As a rule, you don’t have unlimited time to do it.

My “Strength Training Career”

Up to the age of 18 I did not do any (explicit) strength training at all. After that I thought that hitting the gym twice a week was the right thing to do. 5 years ago I gave up the gym and trained only with my own body weight. Since then I only do strength training “with myself” (by the way, without any appreciable losses, but rather the opposite).

My Sling Trainer Career

2 years ago I bought a Sling Trainer of a well-known German supermarket company for really very little money. Up to now my training with my own body weight was not bad. But with a sling trainer I got a lot more out of it.

Now for the aeroSling ELITE Plus

As already said: I consider strength training to be a) meaningful and b) necessary in every respect. But I have (relatively) little time for it and don’t want to invest much time either.
I train in about 4 x 30 minutes. There’s nothing more I can do regularly. In my experience this is also the measure of what you can keep up.

What do I do with this limited time (we are all working and have other hobbies)? The following order applies to me:

  1. Gym (not bad at all)
  2. Training with own body weight (definitely better!)
  3. Training with own body weight and one (any) sling trainer (even better)
  4. Training with own body weight and the aerobis aeroSling ELITE Plus – the BOMB!

Why the BOMB? What can the aerobis Sling Trainer do that others can’t? What is so special about it?
I get the most out of the time I spend on strength training. It couldn’t be more efficient! So we get a lot for the money here.
The unique effect of the aerobis Sling Trainer here is the flexible suspension, i.e. the deflection pulley. This makes it impossible to train “one-sided”. Each of us has a stronger and a weaker leg, arm, etc. For the normal mortal it is usually difficult to train both – the strong and the weak side – equally. Unfortunately, it is the weak sides that cause the problems. The aerobis Sling Trainer forces you to always train the same side equally.
The sling trainer automatically trains the so-called deeper muscles. Many people know the big muscles. But for the (especially painless) functioning of our body there are many other smaller (but not unimportant) muscles. And these are usually difficult to train in the gym.
In a nutshell: If you fall in winter, big muscles are of no use if you cannot coordinate them. But the sling trainer will inevitably ensure that you can coordinate and use your muscles, however small or large they may be.


Many may think that the price is “worth reconsidering”. Here are some considerations:

  • The product is worth its money in every respect! (lifetime, function, etc.)
  • It becomes a faithful companion for years because of these qualities (I always have my sling trainer with me and feel good with it).
  • The (supposed) market leader is not cheaper either.
  • A monthly fee at the gym is at least 10-30 €!
  • If you train with this great equipment, you will never again need a gym as an “average Joe”. So you’ll have your output back in no time at all.


For me, the aerobis aeroSling ELITE Plus is the BEST. It is a super training tool! Not less, but not more! If you don’t use it regularly, it only makes as much sense as a drill in the basement. But if you use it correctly, you get the best you can get out of strength training.

To whom is still not sure:

  1. strength training is important (to a moderate/sensible extent) for EVERYONE!
  2. Forget the gym!
  3. Train with your own body weight! Get expert advice!
  4. Keep going! An effect only occurs after a certain time (which may be a long time for you). But it is worth it!
  5. Purchase a Sling Trainer. Even a cheap one at first. Practice with it, gain experience.
  6. If you have managed all this – purchase an aerobis Sling Trainer. You will experience a miracle!
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