Less talking, more training! How to integrate aerobis Functional Training in your every day routine 🤘😘 @personaltrainerconference

Those who want to train and inform themselves on social media and internet forums are often confronted with contradictory fitness tips. There is often too much theoretical information that leads to training paralysis. That doesn’t have to be the case, because training isn’t difficult at all. A few basic principles are enough. Train regularly 2-3 […]

Part 1: Functional Training trains movement patterns

In my last article, I have ultimately recommended Functional Training and described it in the following words: “Simply move in optimal movement patterns. Do squats, lunges, jumps, pull ups, the SFT movement circuit, etc,or,to put it in two words: Functional Training”. Does this sentence already explain what Functional Training is? Certainly not and, therefore, I would […]

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