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blackthorn Battle Rope

High-quality, flexible Battle Ropes for indoor and outdoor training. Online DVD with introduction video, training plans and realtime-workouts! Special offer: Free Battle Rope Protect!

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blackthorn Battle Ropes are high-quality training ropes for functional cardio training. They are available in different lengths and diameters. Thus, every athlete will find the optimal model for their individual training. Superior workmanship guarantees durability when training indoors and outdoors.

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The right rope for every athlete

The blackthorn Battle Rope is a high-quality fitness rope that is available in different diameters and lengths. Thus, every functional training fan will find the fitting rope for their individual strength and endurance training. Whether you use it as a finisher at the end of your workouts or as an independent training, blackthorn Battle Ropes pose an extremely fun challenge and give you the opportunity to go all out in your training.

Highest quality for maximum durability

The Battle Ropes are specially designed for functional training with ropes and offer great durability even under hardest conditions. While common training ropes are often made of nylon or hemp, blackthorn Battle Ropes are made of polyester. This makes them up to 35% heavier. A special weaving technique guarantees flexibility for optimal wave characteristics and resilience. The rubber-coated rope endings are sewn together with the rope core to make sure the rope never loses its form. Polyester is also unsusceptible to weather conditions, it doesn’t lengthen when wet and is UV-resistant.

Available in different lengths & diameters

blackthorn Battle Ropes are available in lengths of 10 to 20 m. Additionally, you can choose between diameters of 30, 35, and 40 mm. These combinations offer the perfect challenge for every trainee. And this is how you will find your training rope: the length should be determined by the available space. The longer the rope, the better you can adjust your training intensity by determining how far the waves have to run. The diameter is directly responsible for the weight of the rope and is the main criterion for your selection. This table gives you an overview of all ropes. Beginners should start with models up to 8 kg, advanced trainees can go up to 11.5 kg. Only experienced rope fans should take a closer look at the other versions.

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30 mm D, 35 mm D, 40 mm D


10 m L, 15 m L, 20 m L

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Battle Ropes

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