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Functional Training Education

We are not only manufacturer of Functional Training equipment but we also deliver the required know-how to train with our fitness equipment sustainably and effectively. Our Head Coach Fabien Mpouma is in charge of our training philosophy and instructs all interested coaches, personal trainers, and sport enthusiasts himself. The possible seminars are, on the one hand, divided by euqipment and, on the other hand, divided by duration, from half-day workshops to two-day seminars. Find out how you can join the Functional Movement and become an active representative of our training philosophy! The products we offer workshops/seminars for are: aerobis Education - Battle Rope Workshop

Half-day Workshops

The half-day workshops are also called Intro Workshops and offer a first glimpse into the training with our functional fitness equipment. The workshop participants will learn how to use the respective tools, how to train with them, and how a sample workout could look. In short, the participants will learn the basic knowledge to train with our fitness equipment by themselves. These workshops are, for example, a great choice for trainees that have previously worked with static sling trainers and want to learn the differences to our aeroSling or trainees that have never experienced sling training at all.

All-day Workshops (with optional Certification)

The all-day workshops go into more detail that the half-day workshops and will enable all attendees to work as a coach with our products. Training topics and design are imparted extensively. How do I use Functional Training with aerobis products in the training sessions with my clients? What do I have to watch out for during the movements and how do I coach my clients correctly? This workshop is aimed at personal trainers or trainers in a gym. If requested, the all-day workshop can be combined with a certification. We will then issue a certificate stating that the workshop participant is a certified trainer for the respective product.

aerobis Coach – two-day Workshop

If you want to get trained as a coach for all aerobis products the two-day FuncMove Coach workshop is the way to go. You will learn all elements of our training equipment product range. This workshop also includes fundamentals about bodyweight training and Functional Training in general. It can also include the certification after the workshop if requested. aerobis Education - Sandbag Workshop

Expand your Portfolio!

If you are interested in one or several of our workshops and products simply send us an email to or give us a call: +49 (0)2234 9895290. We will be happy to work out the date with you!