The best sling trainer exercise videos

The aeroSling sling trainers are extremely versatile and offer an innumerable amount of exercises. Whether you want to train isolated muscles or get a full body workout in every exercise – there are several exercises for every situation. Our exercise videos for the aeroSling sling trainer show you a list of our favorite exercises that are suitable for beginners as well as advanced trainees. Thus, you can expand your indoor or outdoor bodyweight training with the aeroSling constantly.

Your individual training with the sling trainer

All shown exercises can be done with every aeroSling sling trainer, with the aeroSling XPE, our entry-level model, as well as with the aeroSling ELITE Plus, our premium sling trainer. You can easily and quickly adjust the intensity of every exercise by seamlessly adjusting your position towards the sling trainer. You can challenge yourself in every exercise with exactly the intensity you need to make your training as effective as possible. Thus, every exercise is available to every trainee, regardless of their individual fitness level.

aeroSling Online DVD – the best way to start

Each of our aeroSling sling trainer models comes with a code that gives you exclusive access to the Online DVD. The Online DVD is the perfect entry point into the world of dynamic sling training. Our Coach Fabien explains everything you need to know about the handling of the aeroSling and shows you two workouts that will introduce you to functional training with a sling trainer. Additionally, you can download the workout plans and even train alongside our trainees in two realtime workout videos! Here is a quick overview of everything that the Online DVD has to offer:

Introduction to Functional Training

If you want to know more about the fundamental movements in functional training this page would be a great starting point.

Any questions?

Are there any questions regarding the exercises, do you have any suggestions for us, or do you want to send us your own exercise video? Please contact us! Simply use the LiveChat directly on this site (9 am – 5 pm CET), go over to our contact form, or send us an email to We are looking forward to your contribution!