Why the aeroSling should be the foundation of your training

When you want to become fit, there is no way around the aeroSling suspended pulley trainer. We tell you why the aeroSling is the best option when you want to train for strength, coordination, and every aspect of fitness.

#aeroSling pulley #suspensiontraining can be done anywhere. The integrated anchor sling enables you to fixate it on doors, trees… or traditional gym machines 😏 as beautifully proven by @spiritlifeexcellence 🙌🏻.

Train with aeroSling pulley sling trainers in your fitness gym or wherever else you are! We help you to find the perfect aeroSling match for you.

Guest post: Top 10 aeroSling advanced exercises

Pedro is an aerobis Hardcore-Fan from Brasil. He even visited us here in Cologne. In his home, Rio de Janeiro, he is a well known Personal Trainer and also runs Motirõ Crossfit, a very cool CrossFit gym. Pedro is extremely creative with his exercises and regularly surprises even Elmar (the guy that builds all aerobis equipment) […]

aeroSling Dynamic Suspension Trainer – the perfect all-rounder for your workout on a business trip or at the hotel

When you’re on the road, you surely know this common problem: There is no gym in the area, the fitness equipment in the hotel is in bad shape, and your dumbbells are too heavy for your luggage. The aeroSling dynamic sling trainer solves this problem and is perfect for your whole body training in a hotel […]

New aeroSling Suspension Trainer models in 2017

From now on, all aeroSling sling trainer models have changed. We’ll tell you what changes and what advantages these changes bring.

Time your sling training for maximum results

Lift your training to a new level by tweaking the timing of your reps! ‘Tweak my timing? Do you want me to dance now?’ Don’t worry, you don’t have to move the weights to the rhythm of your music. Let me explain to you what exactly I mean. We often hear the prejudice that at […]

Your sling training plan for the new year – part two

Our New Year’s Workout continues: with the second part of our training we will get you closer to your best form and your goals for 2016 come even closer.

Your sling training plan for the new year – part one

We will help you realize your New Year’s resolutions for 2016. We will build a foundation with our training plan. Our training video shows you all exercises and you can workout immediately alongside the video. In the second part we build on this foundation and get you closer to your dream figure.

Are bodyweight exercises enough to get really fit?

Bodyweight exercises are very diverse and offer innumerable possibilities. But are they enough to become really fit and powerful?

Rowing with the aeroSling – we show you the best variations (incl. video *only in german lanuguage*)

Tutorial Thursday 28 covers a fitness classic: rowing. Read all about the movement and training variations of a basic functional movement.