blackthorn Rope Mount

Wall mount for Battle Ropes


delivery time: 24 hours

The blackthorn Rope Mount is the ideal addition to any rope, e.g. our blackthorn Battle Ropes. Mounting material included in delivery. Made in Germany.

blackthorn Rope Mount – keeps your rope in place

The optimal mounting solution for ropes

The blackthorn Rope Mount is great for mounting Battle Ropes to the wall. We constructed the blackthorn Rope Mount in such a way that the rope can move freely in the metal loop. Even the screws are positioned in a way that ensures that the rope has minimal contact during training. We deliver the blackthorn Rope Mount incl. a hardcore combination of dowels and screws to enable stable and durable wall mount. The dowels also act as a washer for the screws.

Maximal options because of the big metal loop

The blackthorn Rope Mount is made from massive steel with a powder-coated finish. Other than simple casted loops the blackthorn Rope Mount does not damage the ropes because its surface is much smoother. The big metal loop allows the use of virtually any rope up to 60 mm and especially our blackthorn Battle Ropes that you can also see in the picture! This product is made in Germany. If you need a wall mount solution for ropes, then the blackthorn Rope Mount is the optimal and inexpensive solution!

Additional information

Weight0.315 kg
Dimensions21 x 14.8 x 7.5 cm



delivery time: 24 hours