aeroSling T-Mount Wall or ceiling mount

The space-saving solution for the ceiling mounting


The aeroSling T-Mount is made entirely of stainless steel and makes a good impression even if no aeroSling sling trainer is attached. The two stainless steel loops make it easy for you to properly attach any of our products. A highly compact and extremely robust device for quickly mounting an aeroSling sling trainer in your own home. The aeroSling T-Mount is delivered with a bolt and dowel combination built in Germany. It is easily mounted and ensures a high stability in non-cracked concrete. The bolts can be fastened using either a hexagonal wrench or a Torx driver so you don’t need to worry about ruined Philips screw heads! The aeroSling T-Mount is approved and certified for a weight up to 120 kg.

Additional information

Weight0.395 kg
Dimensions21 x 14.8 x 5 cm