Sewn-in loops


Special loop for door anchor

aerobis Anchor Sling

Versatile anchor sling for suspension trainers and other equipment


With the aerobis Anchor Sling you can mount a suspension trainer, elastic resistance bands or other equipment on holding structures. The sewn-in loops allow you to adjust the Anchor Sling to the diameter of the mounting point.

aerobis Anchor Sling – the versatile mounting solution

One anchor for every situation

The aerobis Anchor Sling lets you mount your suspension trainer or other equipment almost anywhere. The 100 cm / 39 in long sling can be wrapped around any holding structure that can withstand the resulting forces during training so you can train wherever you want.

The all-in-one solution

The Anchor Sling has several sewn-in loops that segment the sling. The maximum diameter can be doubled by connecting it with a second anchor sling.  The sewn-in loops allow you to adjust the diameter optimally to the holding structure so the Anchor Sling will stay in its place during training and won’t move around. The aerobis Anchor Sling is designed for rough conditions and is suitable for indoor and outdoor training. Therefore, if you want to bring your workouts outside, the Anchor Sling is an indispensable piece of equipment for all your training tools that require an anchoring or holding solution.

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