Warum du mit dem Sandbag trainieren solltestWhy you should train with a sandbag

The best sandbag exercises

Our blackPack sandbags are very versatile and can be filled with sand as well as water. Thus, you can create new training impulses simply by changing the filling of the blackPack. The different handles give you additional variations and exercises to make your sandbag training as adapted to your needs as possible. In combination with the possibility to choose the weight freely the blackPack will give every functional training fan a challenging piece of equipment that will grow with their individual training gains.

To make the start in sandbag training as easy as possible for you, or to give you some inspiration for your next training session, we have put together a video playlist of some of our favorite sandbag exercises. Whether your WOD (workout of the day) consists of Sandbag exercises alone or you want to mix the blackPack with other equipment doesn’t matter. You can easily pick your preferred exercises from these videos and get going with your workout!

Individual training just for you

Many of the shown exercises can be varied with different grips, the training weight and the kind of filling also play a major part in influencing the intensity of each exercise. We recommend playing around a bit before starting the workout to find out what works best for you. There are no guidelines here. The best part about the blackPack is the fact that it adjusts to you so you don’t have to adjust to your equipment!

Any questions?

Are there any questions regarding the exercises, do you have any suggestions for us, or do you want to send us your own exercise video? Please contact us! Simply use the LiveChat directly on this site (9 am – 5 pm CET), go over to our contact form, or send us an email to office@aerobis.com.

We are looking forward to any contribution to the Functional Movement!

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