Functional training with the rope trainer

The revvll rope trainer offers an unmatched functional training that targets almost your whole body. Rope training with a constant resistance in all directions can only be found with the revvll and we like to show you some exercises that train basic movements. The shown revvll exercises are just the beginning, though, but will give you a good idea on how the revvll rope trainer will enrich your functional training. In the end, your fantasy and lust for movement are the only things restraining your range of exercises with the rope trainer.

Rope trainer exercises – this it how it goes

The revvll can be mounted almost everywhere thanks to its anchor sling: hanging from a training frame, connected to wall bars (with the corresponding padding) or lying on the ground on a soft bolster. The optimal mounting, however, is an adjustable railing system that is either installed to a training frame or directly mounted to the wall. Only this will let you quickly and easily adjust the height of the rope trainer to train different muscle groups in one session without disrupting your workout.

Questions about the revvll?

How strong is the resistance of the revvll PRO? How much space do I need to train with the revvll PRO? Where do I mount the rope trainer? Answers to these and several other questions are all found in our revvll FAQ. Should you have any question about the device itself or its handling you will probably find the answer there.

And now we wish you lots of fun with the rope training of the revvll!

Any questions?

Are there any questions regarding the exercises, do you have any suggestions for us, or do you want to send us your own exercise video? Please contact us! Simply use the LiveChat directly on this site (9 am – 5 pm CET), go over to our contact form, or send us an email to We are looking forward to any contribution to the Functional Movement!