alphaband Double Handle Push

The best resistance band exercise videos

aerobis alphabands offer a flexible and location-independent full-body training. The material of the resistance bands is robust, durable, and offers sufficient training resistance for all your goals. You can use only the alphabands or a combination of the resistance bands with handles and an anchor. Our alphaband training videos show you only a fraction of the possible exercises that are suitable for beginners and advanced trainees alike.

Training in all dimensions

The advantage of resistance bands in comparison with traditional dumbbell/barbell training is the fact that alphabands allow you to quickly adjust the movement direction as well as the body position. The intensity of the exercise is not only dependent on gravity, the alphabands create the resistance in every direction. Additionally, many exercises benefit from the exponentially increasing training resistance because it optimizes the training impulses in bio-mechanically favorable joint positions.

Functional Training with resistance bands

This page shows you a glimpse of the exercise variety that alphaband resistance bands offer. In the end, you can always decide what, where, and how you want to train with the powerbands. The different resistances and the alphaband add-ons can be found our alphaband resistance band page.

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