Battle Rope training

The best Battle Rope exercises

Exercises with a Battle Rope are relatively simple but let you create a challenging and extremely fun workout. Even though the biggest part of the exercises focusses on your arm and shoulder muscles, battle rope training will achieve more than just muscle growth. Especially when it comes to strength endurance you can profit greatly from making waves, your core muscles are constantly working in every Battle Rope exercise, and battle ropes are great for partner training in particular. As you can see, training with battling ropes is very versatile even though a rope is structured as simple as can be. To give you a better impression of the versatility and to give you some new impulses for your battle rope training we have put together a video playlist with some of our favorite exercises- You can integrate these exercises into your existing workout, create a workout from these exercises alone, or place one challenging movement at the end of the training as a finisher.

Which Battle Rope should I choose?

The blackthorn Battle Ropes are available in different lengths and diameters. This might sound a bit confusing but it is actually easier than you might think. The length should be chosen according to the length of the training space that you have designated for the Battle Rope. Multiply that length by 2 and you have your desired Battle Rope length. Much more important is the diameter of the rope because it is directly connected to the weight you have to move in every movement. A closer look at all the single aspects of choosing the right rope for you and precious tips can be found in our Battle Rope guide.

Any questions?

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Battle Rope exercises with instructions