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verso360 Wall – goes virtual

This virtual walk has been sent to us by our customer Core Strength Fitness in Switzerland and we think it is super nerdy cool. Take a few minutes and wander through their (training) halls. In a few spots you will find aerobis equipment. Directly at the start you will see the big verso360 wall installation to your left. The verso360 wall integrates in a very space efficient manner and is used as multi-functional training space. Further in the back there are two revvll PRO endless rope trainer installed on a cage (not from us). The revvlls can be used in parallel and enable all types of pulling and pushing movements with very high time under tension and variable load.

Oooook, they have yet to see the light with our aeroSling dynamic suspension trainers but I am confident that they will upgrade at some point ;-).

Well done, Core Strength Fitness! What do you think?


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