aeroSling ELITE test winner -

aeroSling comes out on top again!

Self-praise is no recommendation…

… and that’s why we are so happy that we can now refer to an independent source that agrees with us:

The aeroSling ELITE is simply the best suspension trainer!

aeroSling ELITE test winner suspension trainer comparison

The test platform (vergleich means comparison) has done a big comparison of seven of the best known suspension trainers and the aeroSling ELITE has beaten the compeition. Looking over the test results it is remarkable that the ELITE not only captured the top of the mountain overall but it also received the best overall customer review scores with 4.8 of 5 stars.

We really are a little proud of this result. A test win doesn’t come that easily with The platform collects reviews from all kinds of sources, from professional tests to user reviews, and forms the data into an objective and competent verdict. That is an important aspect because it lends the test badge the necessary trustworthiness. As a manufacturer we know that, unfortunately, there are more than enough other test platforms that use not enough sources or dubious practices to come to an verdict.

But enough of that self-adulation, we are going to workout now!

Sportive greetings,
Ben from aerobis

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