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Netzsieger Testsiegel Note Sehr gut für aerobisNetzsieger test result Grade A for aerobis

Grade A for aerobis

It's cool to be a nerd
So this is how it feels to get an A!…
6. November 2017/by Benjamin Fuhrmann
blackPack Sandbag Training

Olympic Weightlifting – How Beginners Can Be Introduced Easily With Sandbags

Olympic weightlifting is an effective type of athletic training. However, it is hard to master and very complex. Dr Till Sukopp explains why sandbag training could be the optimal training form to prepare trainees for olympic weightlifting.
23. September 2017/by Till Sukopp

Guest post: Top 10 aeroSling advanced exercises

Pedro is an aerobis Hardcore-Fan from Brasil. He even visited…
10. July 2017/by Pedro Franceschi
virtual customer experience

verso360 Wall – goes virtual

This virtual walk has been sent to us by our customer Core Strength…
23. May 2017/by Elmar Schumacher

Outdoor fitness for TuS Lintorf

Satisfied customers are a figurehead for us. That’s why I thought…
8. May 2017/by Elmar Schumacher

aeroSling Dynamic Suspension Trainer – the perfect all-rounder for your workout on a business trip or at the hotel

When you're on the road, you surely know this common problem:…
20. April 2017/by Elmar Schumacher
CEO Founder Elmar Schumacher

Interview with the aerobis founder (incl. photo series)

Our Founder and CEO Elmar Schumacher met with Christian Weis…
21. March 2017/by Elmar Schumacher
Sport after pregnancy

Sport after pregnancy

Sport after pregnancy is not only important for your health. It helps you to regain your strength and be physically and mentally ready for the daily challenges ahead of you. We'll show you how to get back on track with our example workout that you can even do at home.
13. February 2017/by Katharina Lang
aerobis Blog - Strength Training can be so simple

Strength Training with bands. Training strength at home, in the gym or on the go is now a breeze

Strength training is pretty simple: you exert force against a resistance. Scads of dumbbells and weight plates are not practical, though. Let us show you a space-saving, lighter alternative that even offers more exercise possibilities.
1. February 2017/by Fabien Mpouma
aeroSling suspension trainers new models 2017

New aeroSling Suspension Trainer models in 2017

From now on, all aeroSling suspension trainer models have changed. We'll tell you what changes and what advantages these changes bring.
24. January 2017/by Elmar Schumacher
aerobis Weihnachtsaktion - Spenden für das Deutsche Kinderhilfswerkaerobis christmas special - donations for Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk

Christmas special – donations to the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk (update)

The aerobis Christmas Special helps children in need. With every order that we receive from December 1st to 24th we will donate 15% of the order value to the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk.
4. January 2017/by Benjamin Fuhrmann

About Us

aeroSling ELITE test winner -

aeroSling comes out on top again!

The aeroSling ELITE comes out on top in a comparison of the best known suspension trainers!
20. November 2016/by Benjamin Fuhrmann
Warum du mit dem Sandbag trainieren solltestWhy you should train with a sandbag

Why you should train with a sandbag

What you can accomplish with the help of sandbag training:

5. September 2016/by Fabien Mpouma
3 Functional Training Life Hacks - aerobis Blog

3 functional training “life hacks” that keep you motivated to work out regularly

So you are asking yourself whether functional training is the…
11. July 2016/by Fabien Mpouma
Introducing: alphabands - aerobis Blog

Introducing: the new alphabands elastic bands

By show of hands: who of you has at least one powerband and uses it more or less regularly in your workouts, e.g. as support for pull-ups? I am sure that if I was standing in front of all of you I would now be looking at a sea of hands just like Katy Perry during her last world tour. But resistance bands can do so much more. With our brand new alphabands we have just released a product that looks like a powerband but which uses the potential of this form of training far better.
7. July 2016/by Benjamin Fuhrmann
Time your training - aerobis Blog

Time your suspension training for maximum results

Lift your training to a new level by tweaking the timing of your…
9. June 2016/by Fabien Mpouma
revvll PRO Rep Counter

Count on it – revvll PRO rope trainer with Rep Counter

The revvll PRO now comes with a Rep Counter integrated into the rope. This not only makes your training measurable, it also gives you new possibilities to challenge yourself every day. Find out here, how revvll training in 2016 will look.
3. June 2016/by Benjamin Fuhrmann
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