aerobis catalogue 2018

aerobis stands for effective Functional Training with equipment that you’ll love.

The new alphaband Trainer is our all-encompassing solution to optimal resistance training. And the best thing? It generates over 150kg while weighing less then 1. Strength training can now be done everyhwere!

Our aeroSling Sling Trainers with their innovative pulley offer almost infinite exercises and a significantly more effective training than static sling trainers can offer.

The blackPack Sandbags can be filled with sand or water and give you a versatile, effective strength training that also improves your coordination and balance significantly.

Our brand-new revvll PRO offers a completely new training that is currently unmatched. We call it rope training. Depending on the mounting height and your own position towards the revvll PRO you have different movement patterns which results in an incredibly versatile training that gives you much more than just rope climbing.

Under the brand Blackthorn Equipment we offer established equipment in outstanding quality at an even better price. From a static sling trainer to the Rowstick for core training to the Battle Ropes: Blackthorn Equipment has an unbeatable cost-performance ratio.

Our verso360 Training Frames are very flexible and have the perfect solution for every desired combination and every space. Whether it is a private home gym, a personal trainer studio, gym or cross fitness box: with the verso360 training frames we have a solution for everyone. The installation is child’s play and easy transport was part of the design process from the start. This makes the verso360 package your optimal solution. Just contact us to let us consult you.

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