Your sling training plan for the new year – part two

The year is already a few weeks old…

How is it going? Are you still passionately working on realizing your New Year’s resolution?Or did you get caught up in the old rut again? If there is already doubt in your mind or outer forces seem to impair the realization of your project dust yourself off and get back to it! In our last blog post, we have given you five tips to get you back on track. Take them by heart and focus again!Your New Year's Workout - Part 2 - Banner

The New Year’s workout part 2

Here’s the second workout to make sure it doesn’t become too monotonous on your way to a fitter, better, happier self.We are increasing intensity a bit – new and demanding exercises with a task that challenges you all the time throughout the workout.

You’ll need this fitness equipment

You will need sling trainer and a sandbag. If you don’t own a sandbag then you can just take a sportsbag and fill it with heavy but soft objects.Above all, the quality is your main concern. Make sure every movement has perfect form. It is not the first repetition that counts but the last! If you do the last rep as perfect as the first, you will have the biggest training success and you won’t unnecessarily put strain on your joints, ligaments, and tendons.

Download the workout

If you can’t access the video at any time you can download the workout as well. This should eliminate any possible excuses keeping you from training. And in the end, no workout can feel as bad as the bad conscience when you have given in to other temptations instead of training.As always in functional training with aerobis products, you can easily and quickly adjust the intensity to your personal needs. But remember: you can’t create something out of nothing! So challenge yourself and try to take as few breaks as possible. Reaching your goals for 2016, then, will only be a matter of time.Here is part 1 of the workout plan.Enjoy your training! Your aerobis Team
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