New Year's Resolution Workout

Your sling training plan for the new year – part one

Time to look back

The turn of the year. When the christmas celebrations are all over and the last firecracker has exploded, you start to think about the past year and reflect on your experiences and actions with some emotional distance. Quite a few people begin to realize that they actually want to change something, achieve more or simply aren’t were they want to be in life. Or maybe they just don’t want to stand still and stagnate. If you don’t go forward, you go backwards.Mountain viewLooking back is very important even or especially in our fast-paced times. Not to look back at missed opportunities or some of your mistakes and hang on to them, but to learn from them and approach the future more thoughtful and more responsible with the wisdom of past experiences. Looking back shouldn’t be about quarreling with past possibilities but instead be a source for the knowledge that has made us who we are now and it should influence how we behave in the future. A look into the past doesn’t show us what could have been, it shows us what can be. Looking back should also work as a reminder that we must fully experience the the beautiful adventure of life.

To being better than last year!

One mistake that is often made with New Year’s resolutions is trying to achieve too much at once. You simply don’t stop smoking, lose 20 lb, and eat healthier as soon as the clock resets. These things are processes that start slowly and gradually turn into habits. To the human mind, this is hard to facilitate. It needs tangible goals and clear-cut specifications, not vague predictions which claim that in comparison to the same time last year your diet has improved. That you workout more.mountain view

Start the new year with this workout

We cannot influence your New Year’s resolutions and we can’t follow them for you. What we can do, though, is give you a workout with which you can lay the ground for a fit and healthy 2016. Maybe you are already quite fit but then maybe you can direct a friend to this workout who wants to turn their life around and really start working out this year. Our New Year’s workout will take you by the hand and show you step by step how effective a simple full body workout plan can improve your physical fitness. With this, we lay the groundwork for another workout plan that will reap the fruits of your first weeks of work. This won’t let you accomplish your resolutions automatically and you have to motivate yourself to each single workout. We can only make sure there aren’t many excuses that you can make when you don’t feel like working out ;)woman sparklers forest

Realize your resolutions with functional training

Our New Year’s Workout is consciously designed to be very simple and relies solely on functional training exercises that can be done with a sling trainer or your own bodyweight. This keeps the hassle minimal while your training results won’t be. The workout consists of a tabata protocol, so you do every exercise for four sets of 20 seconds of work each with 10 seconds of rest in between. Thus, you can easily adjust the intensity by increasing the numbers of repetitions each time you train. The following workout video takes you through all exercises and you can simultaneously train with our Head Coach Fabi. When you don’t have access to the internet but want to workout you can also download the workout. But before you start the workout:

Warm-up and mobility exercises

No workout without careful warm-up! This will not only reduce the risk of injury considerably but you will also put your body in the optimal condition to perform to its full potential. And only when you reach your full potential will you be able to reach your goals.

New Year’s functional training workout

Now to the heart of this post and your workout for the next weeks. We hope you like it!

Don’t forget to cool-down and stretch!

Before you get in the shower, make sure your body cools down slowly and doesn’t stop working from one moment to the other. You can actively promote blood flow and make sure your body transports all the necessary substances to the right places. The cool-down is as much a part of your workout as the first exercise or the breaks in between sets!

The next workout is coming soon!

This workout should keep you busy for the next weeks and elevate your fitness level to a certain point. Take enough time for warm-up, workout, and cool-down and make sure your form is perfect. All of you that find this workout too easy can keep their current training plan and wait for the following workout that is coming shortly right here. The next workout will build upon this workout and challenge you more. Keep going and lots of success for your training!Let´s hop over to part 2 of this workout plan.Sportive greetings, Your aerobis team
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