Workout of the week part 6

Here we go again!

You are probably expecting Benni here to tell you how every bone and mucle in his body ache as if he fell out of our office window (our office is on the second floor). But I have to disappoint you…Don’t worry: Benni is still with us! But since the FIBO we have as much work to do as the city cleaning has to do after carnival. He simply didn’t get to document his torments of past Functional Fitness Frenzies. This is why I, Fabi, take over at this point and tell you how our recent Functional Fitness Frenzies have worked out.Fabi, Flo, and Benni during workout

The workout: AMRAP

Where do we begin? Oh yes, right… After the FIBO we have cleaned up our showroom to get right back into the Functional Fitness Frenzy. Our team this time was reduced to Benni, Flo, but we everyone worked at least for two. We decided to do two AMRAP rounds of 10 minutes each (AMRAP = As Many Repetitions As Possible) for this workout. In a total amount of only 10 min. training time we had to do 5 Pull Ups, 10 Pike Push Ups, and 10 Deadlifts with the blackPack. so far so good… The As soon as the first round was done we made out the Deadlifts as the ‘harmless’ exercise out of the three. Thus, we yearned for them during each of the other two exercises. Pull Ups are always extremely challenging because they incorporate the whole body! So five reps is more than enough. The same goes for the Pike Push Ups. This exercises focuses more on the upper parts of the big pectoral as well as the shoulder muscles. Pretty exhausting! But also very effective.

Round 2

Since we had still some energy left we decided to do a second round. Big mistake! (but not in the long run ;) ) The exercises were Rotational Lunges (5/5) with the blackPack, Jackknife Push Ups (10) with the aeroSling, and lateral one-arm Rowing (10/10). I think I don’t have to describe how we felt in detail. Just watch the video! The faces speak for themselves…
I really like AMRAP (as you might have guessed by now), because it can be done in a short amount of time while being very effective. And everybody can train as hard as they want to. Sportive greetings,Your Fabien
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