verso360 delivery to the Primal Fitness Box Cologne

A few weeks ago we delivered the new verso360 Frame to Dr. Till Sukopp´s Primal Fitness Box. Primal Fitness Box stands for Functional Training with simple but effective devices as well as your own bodyweight. Till describes it as “Primal and fundamental fitness training”.

From delivery to training in only 6 steps

1. Here you can see the verso360 Frame in it´s compact packaging placed on a common standard EURO palette. Easy and safe to ship – makes our customers smile. All verso360 Frames are shipped worldwide and are Made In Germany.

Till Sukopp Primal Fitness Box veroFrame

2. During build-up of the verso360 Frame you always build the so called bridge, consisting of a number of top elements, first. In the back you can see 2 of the 4 legs of the frame that are also assembled before putting the frame together.

Zuerst wird die Brücke installiert

3. The pre-assembled legs are the put into one side of the verso360 Frame and get connected to the bridge. Guide bushed on all legs make this a very simple and fast process.

Brücke und Beine des verso360 Frames werden verbunden

4. After one side it safely connected it´s lifting time … aaaaaand uuuup on the other side. Even the installtion of the verso360 Frame has a sportive element to it…

verso360 Frame schon fast einsatzbereit

5. Here you can see the same process as on the other side – doesn´t get much easier than this. Again the guide bushes on each leg make it easy to assemble the frame. This side is also safely connected to the frame.

Jetzt werden auch die Beine auf der anderen Seite mit der Brücke verbunden6. The finished verso360 Frame with 3 Top-Elements. Each verso360 Frame can be further stabilized by putting standard weight plates on each of the legs – this is useful for bigger group courses. Another happy customer.

Ein weiterer glücklicher Kunde - Dr. Till Sukopp

Hier sieht man prima, dass der verso360 Frame von beiden Seiten Pull-ups zulässt auch wenn aeroSlings daran hängen

Till nicely shows here that the outer pull-up bars are always accessible even when aeroSlings are suspended from the frame. Have a lot of fun with the verso360 Frame, Till!We can help you equip your own gym, box or personal training studio. Find more information about that here.
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