Stabilization exercises in football training

Come out on top in every tackle

The football world cup is approaching the final stages and the German national team is steadily advancing towards the first title win since 1996.

But how is it even possible? How can the players repeatedly deliver under this exposure frequency and intensity?

Tutorial Thursday #9: Stabilization exercises in football training

Alongside optimizing the physical fitness (on the energy supply level) an improved coordinative ability plays a major role. Because optimally economized movements allow the athlete to perform to their maximum.

The interplay between individual muscles should, from a biomechanical point of view, function as perfect as possible. To achieve this football players regularly have coordination and stabilization training, often also known as athletic training. The body core forms the basis in this particular training program (and has unfortunately been neglected for a long time in competition sports). Jürgen Klinsmann has introduced this training program in the preparation for the world cup in 2006 and has earned a lot of derisive comments for it from the media landscape in Germany. The idea of introducing bodyweight exercises with or without small equipment into team sports, however, wasn’t invented in 2006. Many physical and sport therapists have long been working with these methods. However, they were mostly used in the area of therapy.

Here are some exercise examples that could be used to improve the football-specific basic skills:

  • One Leg Sprint Start

    For the one leg sprint start one leg is placed in the handles of the aeroSling (use single handle mode with the aeroSling ELITE). Then the trainee does a single leg lunge. The back leg comes as close to the floor as possible in order to stimulate impulses in the area of mobilization and mobility. A dynamic stretching of the front leg follows. If you wish you can also implement a single leg jump. Standing on one leg trains the balance skills and improves the activation and coordination of the muscles surrounding your hip, knee, and ankle joints. Additionally, an intense stimulus activates the entire leg musculature.
  • Pulled Squat

    The pulled squat is an exercise in which a squat is intensified by a pulling impulse acting on your upper core. The entire body has to stabilize during the movements. It is very important here that your knees are always above your feet.
  • Mountain Climbers

    The mountain climbers exercise is very effective and covers several areas at the same time. On the one hand it strengthens the core musculature, on the other hand it offers great leg training. Additionally, you have to invest a lot of coordinative work to make a fluid movement possible. For the exercise you go into the push up position with your feet in the handles of the aeroSling. Your entire body forms one straight line and you alternatingly pull your knees underneath your body.

If you try these exercises you will quickly learn that they are much more demanding than they look. And the best part is that almost every other sport that you are doing profits from them. Thus, not only footballers should make slight modifications to their training schedule.

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