Christmas – the toughest time of the year… for your body scale

It’s coming! The toughest time of the year.
With these 3 tips you will make it through christmas slim, fit, and healthy.

Every year christmas time is tempting you with all its damn delicious sweets, the traditional (at least in Germany) hot spiced wine, and plenty to eat. Yes, for the most it is PLENTY to eat. Unfortunately, all of these things are pure calorie monsters. Every day you have to decide: dig in or be unhappy? And if you dig in you are probably going to be unhappy about the additional pounds on the scale. It doesn’t have to be like that

Tip 1: How do you consume?

You should ask yourself right from the start. Are you susceptible to things that you are offered or can you resist? Instead of facing all the temptations of sweets, chocolate, and cookies all the time you should rather try to go through life with determination.

Going shopping is the key scenario here. This applies to grocery shopping in the supermarket of your choice as well as to the christmas shopping spree in the city. Both cases will get you in situations where you can almost feel forced to get yourself a high-calorie treat. The marketing works and it tastes so damn good!

Try to avoid these upcoming urges by strictly sticking to your shopping list and filling your shopping cart with real, natural food, without looking left or right too much. Gather the important staple food first. Only at the very end the tasty cookies may find their way into your cage on wheels. But it will only be this one item. This obviously doesn’t work if you go shopping more than once a week or even every day. Do your grocery shopping once a week and stick to one christmas treat per week.

With your christmas shopping you should do it similarly. Every christmas market is stacked with booths where you can eat and eat and eat. The danger of eating more than you can handle lurks everywhere. Thus, if you don’t actually need anything from the christmas market you should rather avoid it.

Tip 2: Does it always have to be purchased sweets with lots of sugar?

No, absolutely not. There are many alternatives to common chocolate and sugary cookies you can buy in every supermarket. These alternatives may be a bit more time-costly but definitely in manageable proportions. You just have to ask yourself: do you want to live a healthier and fitter life or do you want to have a bad conscience all the time and let those love handles grow?

Here is an awesome recipe for a delicious chocolate pudding that can be made without sugar or other unhealthy ingredients:

  • chop 1 ripe avocado
  • add 2 tea spoons cocoa (heavily de-oiled, of course)
  • add 4 pitted dates
  • optionally a teaspoon of honey

Mix everything until it’s creamy. Your sweet dessert is ready. It’s also great as a snack.

Instead of buying the traditional spicy christmas cookies in a supermarket you should try baking yourself. Thus, you can maintain the control over sugar content and calorie amount. Almond, coco, and flax seed flour are a great and healthy alternative to wheat & co. Additionally, you should resort to honey, dried fruit, and the natural fruit sweetness (e.g. of very ripe bananas) for sweetening.

Tip 3: the 80/20 rule.

We can’t all just abstain from sweet things all the time. But if we sin we should savor it! Because with endorphins in our belly we metabolize things differently. Thus, you can grant yourself a cheat day. On cheat day you don’t count calories or worry about nutrients. Just enjoy it. See it as a reward for being so strict with yourself the rest of the week. If tip 1 and 2 work for you the cheat day might be the perfect thing to round it all off. For 80% of the time I am very consistent and on the remaining 20% you cut yourself some slack. And a piece of that delicious cake…

There is one important rule: there should be only one cheat day!!!

With these tips you will escape the christmas holidays relatively unharmed and you will be well-prepared to face the temptations. Just try it and let us know how you did!

Get functional!
Your Fabien

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