Training frequency – how often you should train per week

How often can I work out?

aerobis Blog Functional TrainingIt depends on your fitness level, the kind of sport, and the intensity. Most professional athletes often have higher fitness levels and work out at least five or six times a week. During the season even more. But here the sessions have different aims and intensities.

You’re probably not a professional athlete

The question is how long this training frequency can or shall be maintained for a certain period. It is not unusual for professional athletes and former athletes to have several (recurring) injuries and health problems (joints, ligaments, filaments…). But there are only a few people training for top-level competitive sports.

Either or?

Most of the amateur sportsmen who only want to stay fit and healthy decide to do either endurance or strength training. But why choose only one? Your best choice is clearly a combination of both! Functional Fitness combines all the aspects of strength, endurance, coordination, and mobility training. Often times it is sufficient to work out 2 or 3 times a week with a medium to high intensity to achieve your goals. As we have explained last week, it also doesn’t have to take much time. Once you reach a generally good level of fitness and regeneration of your body works well you can work out even more often. This is also highly dependent on nutrition!But more on that next week…
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