Guest post: Top 10 aeroSling advanced exercises

Pedro is an aerobis Hardcore-Fan from Brasil. He even visited us here in Cologne. In his home, Rio de Janeiro, he is a well known Personal Trainer and also runs Motirõ Crossfit, a very cool CrossFit gym. Pedro is extremely creative with his exercises and regularly surprises even Elmar (the guy that builds all aerobis equipment) with new variations. Take it away, Perdo:When we consider every functional training methodology aimed at strength workouts (excluding a specific rehabilitation), there isn’t a more accessible, versatile and mobile tool in existence than suspension systems. Through all these years, we can see the evolution of these systems firstly with ropes, rings, static suspension devices and nowadays their evolution with pulleys, carabiners and accessories that provide us with a major challenge in patterns of movement that are different to simple rows, push ups or plank positions.The aeroSling Dynamic Suspension Trainer and its accessories, developed by aerobis, are the best solutions in this segment. For those who are using the aeroSling Dynamic Suspension Trainer and have tried the possible exercises of this tool or wish to challenge their athletes and clients with advanced exercises: here are my TOP 10 advanced exercises with the aeroSling. 10) PowerPress – Hold the handles with arms extended in front of your shoulders. Bend one arm and bring the elbow back close along side your body. Follow the hand back with your eyes. You can use the aeroSling PowerSpring or blackPack Vest to increase the difficulty.[youtube]9) Swimmer – When your PowerPress is consistent, you can start trying these movements. It’s necessary to maintain the body in a straight line for a good position during the arm circles  With elbows semi-flexed during the high level and completely extended at a lower level, you must use a range of slowly executed motions of the arms. To increase the intensity of the exercise, try leaning your body a little more.[youtube]8) Partner Sling Chop – Diagonal patterns of movement are essential to maintain the health of our core which is mostly composed of anatomically transverse muscles. This exercise requires movement concentrically in the descending phase and movement eccentrically in the ascending phase. Keep your knees semi-flexed and spine neutral by trying to keep your elbows well extended from beginning to end near the distal knee. Fight the descent of the movement and resist on the rise.[youtube]7) Canoe Paddle Rowstick (Single Connect) – This exercise is a huge challenge when it’s done with heavy counter-weights and the use of a kettlebell is advised. Men must use 20-24kg and women 12-16kg. Try to do this exercise with as large a range of motions as possible and very slowly for the kettlebell not to swing. Let it burn![youtube]6) HandStand Pushup with Flex Handle XL- This movement involves strength and stability of shoulders and core to maintain the mid-line of the body in a straight position during the exercise. Anyone can do it, therefore beginners must use the Flex Handle XL at hip level until properly adapted to reverse position. By the way, advanced slingers can use the Flex Handle XL on both feet or a single foot.[youtube]5) Push up Rowstick Single Connect -This exercise is very difficult because your body is supported in just one point. Start in a standing position with the base of your feet wide open. The trunk anti-rotator muscles are called on in this independent  unilateral push-up movement. As time passes, increase the inclination of the body a little more.[youtube]4) Sling Jump and Single Leg Variation with Flex Handle XL : With the Flex Handle XL at hip level, find the required height of the aeroSling Dynamic Suspension Trainer so that its initial position is both hands and feet firmly planted on the floor (for support). You should jump diagonally and not upwards. After a few tries you’ll be flying just like Superman. It’s a very intense workout because the angle is different to a vertical jump. Your back will burn trying to keep the neutral position as will your legs trying to maintain jump height.[youtube]3) Squat Core Rotation Rowstick Single Connect– They are two conjugated exercises. In this movement you must squat with the arms extended and at the moment of the ascent in the full extension of the knees and hip, you must execute the rotation of the body using the Rowstick above the head.[youtube]2) Negative Sit up with Flex Handle XL- Here we have the evolution of the GHD-Sit-up. Firstly, we don’t need a GHD. Secondly, you can do it with a foot on a tree or wall. Thirdly, you don’t feel like your body is trapped or divided in two parts much. Start the movement with little degrees until you feel confortable to let the body fall completely.[youtube]1) Vertical Row – The aeroSling Dynamic Suspension Trainer must be high anchored in this movement. You should start in the sitting position on the floor with your elbows extended. Row in a vertical line letting your elbows align with the trunk until your body is fully suspended. Was it easy? Use unilateral row to increase difficulty.[youtube]Each exercise can be more difficult depending on your level. By the way, do you know any advanced exercises with the aeroSling Dynamic Suspension Trainer? Please share them with us!
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    Einige schöne Übungen sind mit dabei, dich ich selbst ausprobieren werde! ;-) Darauf kommt man selbst nicht. :D

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