These 3 fitness exercises will improve your performance (incl. howto videos!)

3 exercises that you never do but should include in your workout

Do you stumble upon something new every now and then, even though you have been training for several years now and you know seemingly every exercise in the book? Awesome! There is nothing more boring than doing the same exercises or the same training equipment every single time.And if you are new to training you should be glad you hear the following tips already at the start of your lifting career.

Everything is movement!

Following this motto you should start thinking outside the classic strength exercise patterns.Squats with barbellSure, deadlifts, squats, and bench presses are reliable guarantees of success if you want to achieve strength gains and performance improvements. We at aerobis also like to implement these exercises into our training plans because they have proven their worth for centuries. However, most of us aren’t athletes but regular Joes and Jennys! All we want is lift something up, carry stuff, climb stairs, or crouch through our garden to keep it from turning into a middle-European jungle.Nowadays, the requirement profile is simply different for city dwellers like us. Instead of having to travel several kilometers by foot every day we have cars, trains, and escalators. Instead of spending 10 to 12 hours each day with hard physical labour outdoors we mostly sit and work with our brains. Sure, there are still quite a few people that carry on a craft which challenges their bodies in various ways and in significant intensity. This, however, isn’t the norm any more in our modern society. There are always more machines, tools, and processes that shift the demands of regular Joe’s job from physical to only mental.What suffers most from this shift is natural movement! Muscles shrivel, joints become inflexible, and the organism looses its drive.To equalize this development we should engage in sports.„Wow! That’s the revelation of this blog!“ some of you might say.Sure, we know that we don’t tell you anything new or revolutionary here. But the question that we should ask ourselves is: ‘How would such an compensatory training look like?’Are deadlifts, squats, and bench presses really the means of choice for regular gym-goers?Santa Clause bench pressSince most of us aren’t challenged physically in their day-to-day life we should implement one important aspect into our training routine: mobility and coordination training and exercising compund movements.You can actually achieve the biggest effects on health and wellbeing by training holistically. The more you specialize the less you do for your general fitness.So what could be a possible approach?Start by trying to combine basic exercises. With this method you can escape the rigidity of the classic exercises and profit from variety, new training impulses, and full body training.The following three exercises should be your inspiration:

Powerpull Complex:

  • feet are shoulder-width apart
  • body forms one line
  • move your butt down and back
  • go as deep as possible
  • lift your body’s center of mass up again
  • row with one arm
  • rotate around your own axis
  • stretch your arm further back
  • then lead your arm forward again, close to your body
The great thing about this exercise is the fact that your are targeting a big muscle group. Additonally, you can find pushing, pulling, and rotating elements in this movement. THis will improve the interaction of different muscles and muscle groups and your coordination.

Rotational Lunge with Sandbag:

  • hip-wide stand, hold the sandbag with stretched arms in front of your body
  • move one leg backwards
  • at the same time, lead the sandbag outwards, next to your front leg
  • keep your upper body straight
  • push off from your back leg and get into the staring position
  • repeat with your other side
This exercise challenges your core stability and your balance. Additionally, you strengthen your legs even more thanks to the additional weight and the dynamic movements.

Single-leg Burpees with a Suspension Trainer:

  • put one foot in the foot sling
  • put your hands on the floor in front of you
  • get down to a plank position
  • do a push-up
  • jump forward with your free leg
  • raise your upper body and jump
You´ll find more Suspension Training exercises on our dedicated page.A great exercise that requires your cardiovascular system to work hard. You also have great training impulses for the working leg, your complete front muscle chain, the hip flexors, and the shoulder girdle.These three exercises are guaranteed to enrich your training plan! Try it and enjoy the increased performance!Get functional, Your Fabien
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