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The Group Effect – why you should try group training

The new year is now about 41 days old. Take a look at your note with all your New Year’s resolutions: have you managed to keep all of those and are you well on track to reach your goals? If you have fitness goals on your list, such as improving the number of pull ups, 100 kg bench press or other things – it may very well be that these goals take several weeks and months of preparation.But, how can you keep up the motivation? In this blog post I would like focus on an aspect of training that could help you reach your fitness goals for this year (and every year following). As the title suggests I would like to go into the effects of training in a group. We all can see it right now – all the freshly motivated people swarm out of their houses in January. The streets are covered with billboards offering fitness discounts, gyms are overcrowded, and the parks have a bigger fluctuation of joggers than in the months before.During rush hour you have to wait in line at the machines in the gym in order to train. So many new and motivated sports enthusiasts! But where do they all go after a few months? Could it be that they succumb to their inner weaker self and the comfy couch becomes more desirable?

Stop! Not this time!

The participation in a fitness course can change everything. If you have never attended a group fitness course you will be amazed by what effect it can have. It doesn’t matter whether you attend a course in a gym, a small group training in a CrossFit box, or even a boot camp course outdoors. The motivation of a group can work wonders! (You should try an Intro-Workshop, you’re garantueed to find like-minded people)

Motivation in a group can work wonders!

Fueled by an experienced coach and carried by the positive atmosphere of the group you can be prodded to your new personal best. While training all by yourself can easily become draggy group training leaves no space for boredom! The contact to like-minded persons quickly creates a commitment to the group and to individual group members.Gaining one or more training partners also creates a certain amount of obligation. The temptation of skipping a workout when the weather is bad (or whatever other reasons you can come up with) may be strong but if you have an appointment with your training buddies you are less likely to cancel the workout. There are a few little tricks to keep each other motivated and hang in there.I suggest you try the following: let yourself be picked up for training. If your training buddy is waiting outside there is no escape! You best try it today! Join a group, get a training buddy, and stay motivated. The group is the key to success! The key to keeping your New Year’s resolutions and achieving your fitness goals!Your Alex
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  1. Paul Kliks
    Paul Kliks says:

    Was für ein wunderbarer Artikel, Alex. Vielen Dank!! Genau aus dieser Intention heraus hab ich letztes Jahr den Outdoor Fitness Bus gestartet. Menschen, die gemeinsam an einem Strang ziehen, mit ähnlichen Wünschen und Zielen, können Berge in Bewegung versetzen.

    Ein ähnliches Phänomen ist bei meiner kleinen 30-Tage-Squat-Hold Challenge zu erkennen . Es ist unglaublich motivierend zu sehen, dass Menschen jeden Tag ein Foto von sich posten, wie sie im Büro oder im Fitness Studio in der Hocke verweilen.

    Der Gruppeneffekt lässt sich meiner Meinung auch ein wenig auf die “sozialen Medien” transferieren, weil viele Menschen durch Stress im Alltag und Zeitarmut einfacher einen Facebook Post mit Freunden und Verwandten teilen können.

    Das nutzen solcher Mittel ist definitiv ein guter Anfang, um sich wieder zu motivieren. Das Ziel darf aber sehr gerne sein, wieder LIVE mehr Kontakt zu haben zu seinen gleichgesinnten Freunden… Wie z.B. bei einem Outdoor-Fitness-Bus Training :)

  2. Predrag Pantic
    Predrag Pantic says:

    Sehr guter Artikel und trifft den Nagel auf den Kopf. Im in München bieten wir täglich mehrere Kurse in der Gruppe unter Leitung eines Trainers. Denn die Gruppe und ein qualifizierter Coach bringen dich schnell ans Ziel

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