The blackPack ESY is available in three sizes S, M, and L

Pick your size!

The blackPack ESY is now available in three different sizes! Thus, every athlete can find a sandbag in the perfect size. Here we will explain the differences and features of each size.Exercises like swings can be more comfortable with the new blackPack ESY sizes

If size does matter

Wir machen Gutes noch besser: Auch wenn der bisherige blackPack ESY Sandbag (jetzt blackPack ESY L) sehr vielseitig ist und mit seinen verschiedenen Griffen eine ganze Reihe an Übungsmöglichkeiten bietet, gibt es auch hier noch Optimierungsbedarf. Dadurch, dass der blackPack ESY L so groß wie eine handelsübliche Reisetasche ist, kann er je nach Einsatzgebiet und Volumen auch einfach mal zu groß sein, besonders für kleinere Sportler. Da schaffen die beiden neuen Größen des blackPack ESY Sandbag Abhilfe. Overhead presses und Swings sind jetzt deutlich komfortabler auszuführen, wenn man zum blackPack ESY M oder blackPack ESY S greift.

A matter of weight

The sizes of the blackPack ESY sandbags inevitably has an effect on the maximum training weight that each blackPack ESY can carry. While the blackPack ESY L can hold up to 30 kg (66 lb), the blackPack ESY M can carry up to 20 kg (44 lb). And the blackPack ESY S is completely filled with 10 kg (22 lb). Depending on the application area you can choose the perfect blackPack. If you prefer training with smaller weights and place your focus more on speed and explosiveness then the smaller blackPack ESY S is the perfect fit for your training. Due to its size it is a great substitute for a kettlebell with adjustable weight. And the soft surface is a big plus for beginners. The blackPack ESY M offers the best compromise of size and handling. With 20 kg (44 lb) it offers a great challenge for most athletes. Its size allows for almost any exercise without without any limitations. And the blackPack ESY L with up to 30 kg (66 lb) of training weight is the greatest challenge of our blackPack ESY sandbags. To do every exercise with the full training weight you will need a decent amount of strength and experience. Additionally, the blackPack ESY L gives you the opportunity to use our Loading-Bag AQUA in order to train with water instead of sand. Thus, the blackPack ESY L offers the most challenging exercises of all of our blackPack ESY versions.Comparing the handle variations of the blackPack ESY

Get a grip – the handle variations

The already well-known flexibility of the blackPack ESY is guaranteed in every size. Whether it is the ESY S, ESY M, or the ESY L, the blackPack ESY has several handle variations that make for a versatile sandbag training. Each size has two parallel vertical handles, additionally each blackPack ESY has one handle plus a baton handle on each side. The baton handles are perfect for grip strength training but they also are the connection to our aeroSling ELITE suspended deflection pulley trainer. With this you can use the blackPack ESY as a counter weight with the aeroSling ELITE as a cable row and add a whole new dimension to your training. The only difference between the blackPack ESY S and M and the blackPack ESY L is the horizontal grip. The smaller versions have one horizontal handle perfect for swinging movements.The blackPack ESY L, however, has two horizontal handles. The horizontal parallel grip resembles the handling of a barbell and is your best choice especially with typical barbell exercises like cleans and snatches.Comparison of the blackPack ESY versions

The perfect blackPack ESY sandbag for you and your training

As you can see each size of the blackPack ESY has its special advantages that allow you to tailor your training to your needs. The already known advantages of the blackPack ESY stay the same in each size: individually choose your training weight with sand or a similar material, multiple handle variations make for a versatile training, connect the blackPack ESY to the aeroSling ELITE suspended deflection pulley trainer for even more possibilities, inline seams for a smooth surface, all seams are reinforced for increased durability, quickly change the Loading-Bags thanks to the wide opening running over the full width of the blackPack, a very strong zipper underneath the strong velcro line guarantees maximum safety, the hard-wearing textile can take on all training conditions, and so on… Everything you have to do is pick your size.
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