Dear fitness friend,
my name is Elmar and I am the CEO and Founder of aerobis fitness. I am very excited to write to you today because we just released our aerobis fitness app to Apple and Android. Get it here and choose from two subscription options that suit you best:

For 5.99 EUR per month you will get hundreds of exercises, many different workouts, and a complete diet solution that enables to track your food. This combination ultimately enables you to take charge of your own health by planning, documenting, and analyzing your diet and training.

The aerobis fitness app is the ideal companion no matter if you train at the gym or at home.

New year, new you – while you can start a new training regimen every day of the year, the willpower needed is often times just not there and life gets in the way. I do not subscribe to the general message of new year resolutions but acknowledge that the winter holidays leave some time to reflect and to decompress. Ideally, we get some of our determination back that fizzled out over the past year and want to change things up with our health.

To support you, we partnered up with Virtuagym, one of the largest fitness app providers for professional gyms, to create a fitness app for iOS and Android that lets you track all of your fitness efforts no matter if you train with aerobis equipment or in the gym. It also connects to your Apple Health or Google Fit account and gives you a complete overview of all your activities.

Use it for all your workouts

We provide workouts with all aerobis equipment and for all skill levels. But the cool thing is you can either take these workouts and customize them or create your own.

You have all fitness equipment as well as bodyweight exercises available – not only aerobis equipment-based exercises! This is a truly universal fitness app that adopts to your way of training and your favorite equipment.

Use it for dieting and to track your food

With the fitness app subscription, you get a complete food tracker that you can use to track all of your food macros and calories.

No matter what type of diet you are subscribing to – in order to lose weight, you need to make sure to hit a calorie deficit. In order to maintain muscle mass you need to track your macros (fat, protein, carbohydrate intake).

The food app does that for you effortlessly and is tightly integrated within the aerobis fitness app.

Use it for motivation and fun

The aerobis fitness app can be connected to various trackers as well as to your Apple Health or Google Fit account.

Therefore, any data that you already aggregate there through other tracking apps like steps, weight or fat percentage, is automatically imported into the app.

You will be able to earn badges as rewards if you move more and you can follow your friends’ progress if they have the app as well.

Remember that your fitness efforts are a marathon and not a sprint. You need a flexible and open solution to stay fit and healthy for decades – the aerobis app is your ideal companion.

Here is the link again:

After your purchase you will get an email with a link that you can use to register for the app. You can then use these credentials to login to the app.

As with all aerobis products I’m also solving my own need for a versatile and open fitness and food app. It took a while to get all set up but I am happy with the result from a user perspective and as a creator.

I really hope that you like it and that it serves you well should you choose to use it for your own fitness journey!

Sportive Greetings from Cologne,

CEO & Founder