The 6 most effective exercises for a firm butt

If you want to know how to get a firm butt and built your gluteal muscles then this week’s Tutorial Thursday is for you!

How do I get a firm butt?

Which women wouldn’t want to have it: a butt like Beyoncé?But even quite a few men could use some more glutes. Not only because of cosmetic reasons but because it is a good counter measure to avoid possible false postures and the resulting medical conditions.Because we need the hip extensor every day and in countless little and big movements. Especially when you look at sports in general: there is no kicking the ball, no jumping, no running, and no direction changes without strong glutes and leg muscles, a stable hip, and the optimal pelvis position.Unfortunately, the modern lifestyle leads for many members of our society to an constant inactivity of the glutes due to endless hours of sitting. Thus, your glutes become weak and inactive. The results can be back, hip, and knee pain.The 6 most effective exercises for a firm buttBut don’t give up hope yet since help is here: aerobis has put together the 6 most effective exercises to train your butt. Get ready, set, lift!

These exercises will give you a butt of steel

  1. Deadlifts with the blackPack or a barbell
    • hip to shoulder width stand
    • knees only slightly bent and bend the upper body forward with a straight back
    • grab the blackPack with straight arms
    • your head is an extension of your spine
    • activate your gluteal muscles and lift the blackPack through hip extension
  2. Hip thrusts with a barbell
    • sit down in front of a bench or a box
    • position the barbell above your pelvis
    • place your feet as close to your body as possible and wider than shoulder width
    • lie down on the bench with your shoulder blades and lift your hip upwards by fully extending
  3. Single leg deadlifts with a kettlebell
    • close stand
    • lead one leg back fully extended
    • your mainstay is slightly bend
    • lower your upper body and grab the kettlebell with one arm
    • move your leg and upper body back into the starting position as one unit and, thus, lift the weight
  4. Squats with additional load
    • hip and shoulder wide stand
    • put the blackPack or barbell on your shoulder blades just below your neck
    • move your hip back and down
    • move knees forward in the direction of your toes
    • keep natural lumbar lordosis
    • your head is an extension of your spine
    • go as low as possible
  5. Lunges
    • stand hip wide apart and put the blackPack on one shoulder
    • lead one leg back and place your foot on the ground
    • lower your body’s center of mass and slightly touch the ground with your back knee
    • keep your upper body straight and your head in extension of your spine
    • As your knee touches the ground push yourself up with your mainstay and lead the back leg back into the starting position
  6. Refees (Rear Foot Elevated Splitsquats)
    • take a lunge position
    • place your back leg on a bench, a box, or the grip slings of a sling trainer
    • lower your body’s center of mass
    • keep your upper body as upright as possible

Video tutorial for the 6 exercises

Insert these exercises into your weekly workout plan and you simply can’t avoid improvements. Of course, the kettlebell swing should be on this list as well. But since this exercise is very complex we will cover it in another Tutorial Thursday.Now go ahead and lift, ladies… and gentlemen!Get functional! Your Fabien
2 replies
  1. Ben Menges
    Ben Menges says:

    Hey Fabien,

    wie kannst du nur die Dreistheit haben den Hip Thrust nicht auf Platz 1 zu setzen. Wenn das Bret Contreras liest… :D
    Ne, super Übungen. Gerade der Single-Leg Deadlift bei richtiger Ansteuerung eine Wunderwaffe. Daumen hoch!


  2. Fabien Mpouma
    Fabien Mpouma says:

    Hallo Ben,
    bitte nicht falsch verstehen. Die Nummerierung spielt bei dieser Auswahl keine Rolle.
    Ich würde all diesen Übungen die gleiche Aufmerksamkeit schenken. Der Hip Thrust ist eine geniale Übung die ich privat auch immer sehr gerne mache.
    Wichtig hierbei ist aber, wie gesagt, dass eine gezielte Ansteuerung der Glutealmuskulatur erfolgt. Sonst arbeiten die Hamstrings zu sehr mit.
    Abhilfe hierbei kann auch das nach außen Stellen der Füße schaffen.

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