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Strong when you need to be

There is probably no sport in the world that doesn’t benefit from strength training. More muscles (or bigger muscles) not only result in more strength but also more stability and smaller risks of injury. Thus, it is almost always beenficial when hobby athletes go to the gym in addition to playing their “main sports”. However, when training for a specific sport it is imperative to consider that muscles never really work in an isolated fashion. They are always a part of a bigger muscle group that works as a chain when you play your sport. That is the basic principle of Functional Training.

Of slings and poles

The aeroSling Suspension Trainer is the perfect partner for almost any sport because it offers an endless number of exercises and forces you to use several muscle groups at the same time in any one of these exercises. Even a seemingly “simple” Bizeps Curl challenges the shoulders and core to keep yourself in a stable position during the exercise. Training with the aeroSling, therefore, offers a great transfer into other sports and our customers at PoleRoom have realized this as well. PoleRoom has dedicated itself to Pole Fitness and they have recently started offering aeroSling courses to their members. Training with a suspension trainer offers great benefits for pole fitness enthusiasts because the workouts incorporate a great focus on the core while training the other sport-specific muscle groups. This is a big difference to “normal” gym training where most people sit on machines or benches when the are training. Sitting is something that couldn’t be further from the center of pole fitness.

What do you train for?

Pole fitness is a relatively “new” kind of fitness program that isn’t found in every gym, yet. But Fuctional Training, as mentioned before, can be a great addition to any sport. You just have to ask yourself: Do I want to get better in the sport that I love to play? If the answer is yes, then you shouldn’t rely on playing the sport itself in order to become better at it. Obviously, there are motor skills and cognitive skills that can primarily improve when you play the sport. But sport doesn’t start and end with these skills and it demands a certain level of fitness. And in order to improve this fitness Functional Training offers optimal tools and solutions. Even when you just train to become generally fitter with no specific sport in mind, Functional Training should be your first choice anyways. At the start of your “athletic endeavour” stands one question: What am I training for?

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