aeroSling Dynamic Suspension Trainer – the perfect all-rounder for your workout on a business trip or at the hotel

When you’re on the road, you surely know this common problem: There is no gym in the area, the fitness equipment in the hotel is in bad shape, and your dumbbells are too heavy for your luggage. The aeroSling dynamic sling trainer solves this problem and is perfect for your whole body training in a hotel room. With only 450 grams it is a lightweight and can be stowed even in the hand luggage. We will introduce you to three basic exercises, which you can easily imitate.Let´s start with the setup: In the hotel room you attach the aeroSling at the door. For this you simply use the door anchor, which is included with the aeroSling. If it is more comfortable for you and you still have enough space in the luggage, you can also place a training mat in front of the door.The Plank – Give your core muscles something to do.The classic plank is an exercise to improve the overall body tension as well as your stabilization. Especially the abdominal muscles are required doing this exercise. Execution: Position yourself as you would doing pushups, but do not prop up on your hands, but on the forearms. The head is in extension to the spine and you gaze downwards. During the exercise you have your feet in the loops of the aeroSling. Head, back, lower back and feet form a line. The exercise is held for about 30-45 seconds.

Suspension Trainer Exercise Plank

Narrow rows – Strengthens the back after a long day of workNarrow rows are an exercise for the upper back muscles, right between the shoulder blades.Execution: Stand with feet hip-distance apart, the view directed towards the aeroSling. Now grasp the loops and slightly lift the tips of the toes. At the starting position, it is important that your arms remain fully straightened and your shoulders are down. Now the hands are drawn to the body by pulling the shoulder blades together and the elbows being guided backwards in an angled position.Tip: Hand, elbow and forearm form a line. Repeat this about 10-15 times.Deep Squats As compensation to sitting for long periods of time on business tripsDeep squats train the upper and lower thighs as well as the buttocks.Execution: Stand with your feet hip-wide apart and grab the loops of the aeroSling. Your arms remain long and straightened throughout the exercise. The shoulders hang loose. From this starting position you now bend your knees. The back remains straight. When your hips are below your knees, you press yourself back up into standing. The knees always remain slightly bend and are not fully straightened. Repeat the exercise about 10-15 times.Suspension Trainer Exercise SquatStill gas in the tank? Simply repeat the whole set. With this simple set of exercises, you can keep yourself fit in the hotel room and burn off your energy. We hope your next business trip will be a success; from a business and workout point of view.Do you have any further tips for an active business trip? Let us know in the comments.
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