Action speaks louder than words

We will probably never stop pointing out that the revvll adds new and unique possibilities to rope training exercises that no other piece of equipment can offer. We do that not to pad our own backs (self-praise sucks!) but to show the advantages that this seemingly simple device will provide. However, sometimes we are especially lucky and can simply show you a revvll training video of one of our fans that shows rope training with the revvll better than any blog post can ever describe. A video like the one by Vito Dragič, a judo machine from slovenia. He has won several medals, e.g. the gold medal in the European Cup in Sarajevo in 2016. In his video it becomes perfectly clear how the revvll compements his daily judo training routine in a functional and reasonable manner. But see fot yourself. And a big thank you to Vito!

The most versatile rope training

As you can see, the revvll offers many invaluable exercises that can directly be transferred into judo. Thus, rope training with the revvll can give you a decisive advantage when competing in judo. You can also see that the possibilities of revvll training are almost only limited to your own imagination. For the revvll certainly not only complements judo training. The high time under tension made possible by the revvll creates an incomparable pump and, thus, makes the revvll a very welcomed training partner for bodybuilding. In the linked blog post we also explain what time under tension actually means. And for every other trainee we gladly explain endless rope training as well.

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