revvll endless rope training – the pump is real!

We need and want to take up the cudgels for the pump now. If you have seen Pumping Irom from 1977 you will surely remember how none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger romanticizes this incomparable feeling that feels like the muscle is about to burst. There is also no other feeling that gives you the immediate feedback that you have given it all in the gym and you can feel the positive effect of your workout right there and then in your muscle. And if you haven’t seen the movie yet you have to do it later today. But we digress…
Anyway, what we want to explain in this post is what effect has a big impact on the pump. And that’s time under tension. Time under tension describes the time your muscle is effectively working hard during an exercise. The higher the time under tension the bigger the blood flow into the muscle. And this blood flow creates the pump.

Arnie would recommend the revvll

Ok, before a lawyer sues us: We don’t know what Arnie thinks about our revvll and if he even knows it. The headline is just an assumption on our part. However, this assumption is supported by the Instagram post by ubioceo. The video shows a bodybuilder using the revvll backstage in a bodybuilding competition to create the famous pump. But there is more to it because the pump is not only a means to look better onstage. Time under tension is also an important factor for muscle growth. If you want to learn more about the advantages of the revvll you can read on here. You will see that not only Arnie and his descendants should take a closer look at endless rope training with the revvll.

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