Time to regenerate!

aerobis Tutorial Thursday #8 - RegenerationToday’s topic is very important but often neglected: regeneration.As described last week, in some cases it’s essential to be able to perform as hard or even harder as soon as possible. But even as a non-professional athlete you don’t want to deal with sore muscles or tired and heavy legs.Rest periods are an equally vital part of every well-grounded training plan as are the actual workouts. If you don’t allow your body to rest properly you’ll never achieve your goals.That’s why regeneration begins right after the workout. A light dynamic cool-down has proven to be very helpful. It should include joint-mobility, massage, and stretching. After the organism is cooled down a bit you can continue by showering with alternating warming up and cooling off cycles or take a bath. This facilitates the blood circulation that accelerates the removal of metabolic products from the muscles. In addition it facilitates a better nutrient intake of the cells.These nutrients should be supplied right after the workout. For example magnesia: a very important mineral which is a basic element of a huge amount of enzymes that are responsible for physiological processes like the regulation of muscle contraction, oxygen transportation, the nervous system, acid-base balance, fluid balance, blood coagulation, and the rhythm of the heart. Magnesia-rich suppliers are, e.g., nuts and berries.In addition, the organism needs amino acids for construction processes in all cells and for the immune system. Amino acids are building blocks of proteins and should also be supplied. This can be done in the form of a protein shake or with easily digestible foods (e.g. spirulina or eggs). During a high intensive workout the glycogen storages in the muscles and liver are emptied. These should be replenished first. The fastest way would be carbohydrate-rich drinks and bars (e.g. iso-drinks and carb-protein-bars).Anyways, drinking is an important keyword: be sure to drink enough water after the workout and on rest days! Optimally, from BPA free glass bottles.
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