RAAM 2013 the world´s hardest bike race

The Race Across America (RAAM) is one the most famous bike races of the world. RAAM athletes need to cover 4.800 km distance and 50.000 height meters as fast as possible.

German citizin Günter Haas participated in this years´RAAM but he was not alone. Besides a professional team he had an aeroSling ELITE with him.

Oliver Hein, Sport professional and Crewchief Team RAAM 2013 GÜNTER HAAS:

“With peak fitness through the world´s hardest race!”

True to the motto ‘anywhere – anytime’ the aeroSling did an awesome job for the team RAAM 2013 GÜNTER HAAS during the Race across America. While Günter was eating up mile after mile on his bike, the whole Crew used short breaks for training to fight fatigue of sitting in the Pacecar and to stay in shape.

“Simply perfect! The aeroSling ensured daily movement training in a short and intense fashion – ideal for our extremly demanding time table during the world´s longest individual timed trail.”


Impressions from the years RAAM

RAAM_601 RAAM_084 RAAM_094 RAAM_317 RAAM_323 RAAM_328 RAAM_464
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